The New York Post’s September 4, 2007 article “Trident True Symbol”

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Trident True Symbol = 102 (9/11 lasted 102 minutes)

Notice this article about the trident design in the original World Trade Centers was published on September 4, or 9/4, like 94. This matters for the following reasons.
World Trade Center = 94
Seattle, Washington = 94
Terror = 94
Neptune = 94

Of course, Poseidon carries the trident, and Poseidon is Neptune. Plus, the firm that built the WTCs is from Seattle, the city by the sea (where Poseidon roams)
Poseidon = 119
-WTCs fell on September 11

And recall, in the Hollywood film Aquaman, a character who carries the trident, there is a false flag attack, much like the one on September 11, 2001.
Aquaman = 68
Terror = 68
Seattle, Washington = 68
-WTC construction began in ’68
-911 made emergency dialing code in ’68

9/11 Memorial

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