The Office actor Ewen MacIntosh, dead at 50, on the 50th day of the year, February

Celebrity Death Education Entertainment Federal Government Jesuit
Big Keith=44 *Execution=44 *Kill=44 *Joe Bien=44

Ewen MacIntosh has died at age 50, on the 50th day of the year. Keep in mind The Office is set in Scranton, one of the most Jesuit cities in America.
Jesuits=50 *The Office=50

Read about Robert Reid, #50, dying on the 50th day of the year here.

He has also died 56 days after his birthday. *Society of Jesus=56

It goes with him dying 191 days after the anniversary of the cornerstone being laid for Scranton University. *Society of Jesus=56 & 191

He also died 91 days after Biden’s birthday, and Scranton is Biden’s hometown.

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