The parallels between Dr. Dre’s 2021 brain aneurysm & Quincy Jones’ 1974 aneurysms

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Read about Dr. Dre’s aneurysm by the numbers here:

It’s funny that the media is using this shot of Dr. Dre honoring Quincy Jones from November 27, 2018. In his career, he has been called the “Quincy Jones of hip-hop.”

Adding to the riddle, in 1974, Quincy Jones reportedly suffered two brain aneurysms.

Making the ritual all the more clear, notice ‘Quincy Jones’ equates to 55 and Dr. Dre is 55 years old right now.

For another joke, notice the emphasis on ‘doing great.’

I suspect he has a new project coming soon, and this is the way of generating attention.

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