The ‘pay, don’t stay’ donation method to Ukraine & how the World Economic Forum is likely profiting off the theater of war in Ukraine, March 12, 2022

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Read about the Russia-Ukraine conflict igniting 47-weeks after Klaus Schwab’s birthday, the leader of the World Economic Forum.
Ukraine = 47

Notice the encoded 56 in the ‘pay, don’t stay’ strategy that has risen up in the time of Ukraine donations.

Society of Jesus = 56

Think about BlackRock, partner of the World Economic Forum, buying up properties across the world in light of this operation. Imagine if BlackRock owns a large percentage of these properties. Is that helping the people of the Ukraine? Or is this part of the strategy to make sure we’ll own nothing and be happy by 2030, while they profit off of the manipulation?

In the road to 2030, how many lives and careers will be lost to the planned activities of the next decade, such as the people of Ukraine who are being made to evacuate by the? How many people will become beholden to the system, and someone that lives by the handouts of big brother?

And notice how they’re reporting what is taking place in Ukraine is causing even less homes to become available in the United States. Is it possible that the donation money is being used to buy up even more properties in the U.S.?


  1. Miami Boy on March 12, 2022 at 5:29 pm

    New Disney animation movie I’m Turning Redp
    released on 11/3/22
    March 11
    71st day in leap years.
    Im turning red = 71, 73 & 172
    World War Three = 71, 73 & 172
    Human sacrifice = 71
    Blood sacrifice = 71
    In movie parent of little girl says WE DONT WORSHIP GODS WE WORSHIP ANCESTORS (one in particular called SUN YI)
    TZU in Sun Tzu means ancestor.
    Sun Tzu = 22 and 113 (date movie released)
    In tbe movie a date is shown in a frame of 5/11/02
    Bill Pleet who animated for Disney died on 5/11/02

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