The Pope’s rare appearance on 60 minutes the day of the Iranian President’s helicopter crash (Ebrahim Raisi), May 19, 2024

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Pope Francis will be on CBS 60 Minutes tonight (CBS logo is the ‘All Seeing Eye’)
All Seeing Eye=119 *Vatican=119 *Francis=119

The Pope is on 60 Minutes on Sunday, May 19, 2024, the day before the Jesuits celebrate Cannonball Day. It’s the day of the Iranian leaders being feared dead in a helicopter crash. Recall, for their first 10 years with the Catholic Church, 1540-1550, there were 60 Jesuit members.

What is interesting about today, is it is 154 days after the Pope’s December 17, 2023 birthday. Today is the 140th day of the year, and December 17 leaves 14 days (140+14=54). It goes with Pope Francis having a Saturnalia birthday, and many deaths connected to him.
Saturnalia=154 *Ritual Sacrifice=154

Today is also the 190th day of the Superior General’s age, 190 is the 19th triangular number, and the Quran is very much based in the number 19. Keep in mind the leader of Iran claimed his power was divine and that he was favored by God, so something such as this is highly troubling to the people who are living under those belief systems.

Recall the supposed “19 hijackers” on 9/11.

Recall the 19-mile funeral procession for Muhammad Ali, who died on 6/3, and it is believed the Prophet Muhammad died at 63. As for Ali dying in 2016, 2016 is the 63rd triangular number.

And keep in mind today is the 19th of May.

And on top of that, 19 is the 8th prime number, and Ebrahim Raisi is the 8th President of Iran (a nation overthrown by the CIA in the 1950s).

It has been 33 months and days since he took office (either 16 days later, or 33 months and 17 days into his term, like the Jesuits since the 16th Century, and Modern Freemasonry since 1717, and their HQ in Washington DC at the address “1733.”

As for the 1020 days later, it is the 102 sequence that jumps out.
Art of War=102 *World War=102

Notice is also the 145 weeks, going with Israel being established on 14/5, and there being 145 more chapters in the Catholic Old Testament.

Netanyahu declared war 35 days before the Superior General’s birthday, while Hamas was 35 years old, an organization supposedly backed by Iran (but again, Iran is controlled by the CIA).

There are 145 more chapters in the Catholic Old Testament because there are 46 books in the Catholic OT, versus the Protestant OT, which has 39 books.

You could also say he died on 1021 days into his term. *Blood Sacrifice=121 *Revelation=121

Revelation has to do with The Great Tribulation, and today is 225 days after the war began.
The Great Tribulation=225

And here’s the Sunday May 19, 2024 CNN front page.

This wreck comes 157 days after the

Recall when Kobe Bryant died 157 days after his birthday in a helicopter crash, synced with the Pope on January 26, 2020, while traveling from Catholic Mass. Kobe was 41, and it was the Pope’s 41st day of his age, plus a whole lot more.

Notice the Gematria of ‘Accident,’ equating to 157 and more.

Kobe Bryant=157 & 41 (dead at 41, on 157th day of his age) *Black Mamba=59

Pope Francis=59 (Benedict stepped down on 59th day of the year)

Today’s date numerology is 32. (May 19, 2024 is 5+19+(2+0+2+4)=32)

Today’s date is also exactly 32 weeks after Netanyahu declared war on Hamas, Sunday, October 8.

Today is the 140th day of the year. *Washington=49 & 140

Washington DC is a Jesuit stronghold. And don’t forget when Pope Francis, the 266th Pope, spoke in Washington DC, September 23, 2015, the 266th day of the year.
Iesus Hominum Salvator=122

All media is referring to this as a ‘hard landing.’

Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56 *Paris, France=56 *Pope=56
Knights Templar=205 *United Kingdom=205 *Israel=205
Jesus=61, Cross=61, Church=61, Christian=61, Christmas=61

Recall, the war began October 7, the day leaving 85 days in the year.
Iesus Hominum Salvator=85, Templar=85, Christ=85, Crucify=85

The leader of Iran is 85 right now, Ali Khamenei.

The President is dead 30 days after his birthday. *Iran=30

This news also comes 211 days after Netanyahu’s 74th birthday (211 is the 47th prime number).
President=47, Government=47, Authority=47, Vatican=47, DC=47 *News=47

Today is 181 days after Joe Biden’s birthday.

World War Three=181 (181, 42nd prime) *World War=42 *War=42 *Iran=42 *Jesuit=42

Remember, this war began on Putin’s 71st birthday, 71 days before the Pope’s birthday, October 7, 2023.
Whore of Babylon=71, Babylon=71, Catholic=71, *Zeus=71 *The Society of Jesus=71

Update: On Cannonball Day the President was confirmed dead. *Cannonball Day=71

Today is 225 days after Putin’s birthday, and we know 2025 is fixing to be a year of years.

For one last point, it is 71 years since the CIA overthrew Iran in 1953.

Notice the coup of Iran began on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, 1953, and ended on August 19, emphasis on the 19th.

The Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses. *August 15, 1953=8+15+19+53=95

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