The “Real” Beyoncé Knowles and the Jesus/Mercury Code

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In my previous post I addressed the ongoing over-arching Mercury/Jesus ritual, the latest installment of which was the comments – on social media – of civil rights activist and Black Lives Matter spokesman Shaun King regarding the white European portrayal of Jesus Christ.

I identified the astrology, mythology, numerology and gematria that determines the Jesus/Mercury code.

In my post I identified 139 as central to the “Jesus code” primarily based on the “assigned” birthday (is actual birthday is not known) of Cesare Borgia the Italian nobleman said to be a chief inspiration for the popular image of Jesus Christ.

The date 13-9 (13 September) matches the gematria of “WHITE JESUS” and “SHAUN KING.” Rapper Nas portrayed a crucified Christ in his 1999 video for hit son Hate Me Now.

Another rapper chosen to portray a crucified Christ is Tupac Shakur who died on Cesare Borgia’s given birthday of 13th September.

Another pop-culture portrayal of a Jesus figure is Neo in The Matrix trilogy. Neo is born on 13th September.


In gematria numerical anagrams are significant. So, anagrams of 139, like 913, the other way of writing the date September 13th, emerge in the Jesus code.

Nas’ real full name Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones sums to a numerical anagram of 139.

Nas is heavily coded with Jesus symbolism. This is his 2004 mixtape Carry the Cross.


Mercury is the ruling planet of the tropical zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini. As discussed in my previous post Shaun King and the Jesus Controversy, September 11th is believed by some to be the real birthday of “Jesus”. September 11th birth makes Jesus a Virgo. Geminis and Virgos are most often used to portray Jesus figures.

This part of the decode is courtesy of who identified 193 as a Mercury/Jesus code.

John F Kennedy is a Gemini and Mercury/Jesus figure.

A planet Mercury year is the time it takes for it to complete one full revolution around the Sun. In terms of Mercury years John F Kennedy was 193 years old when assassinated.

Actor Bruce Willis has a 193 birthday: 19th March.

For this he was chosen to star in the movie Mercury Rising.

Bruce Willis was 193 Mercurian years old on 9-11, 2001 (the greatest Mercury ritual: Twin Towers A Gemini sign, set. 11 a Virgo date).

this brings us to a story that emerged on July 4th, 2020 when Florida Republican Congressional candidate KW Miller tweeted that entertainer Beyonce was not who she is said to be.

Beyoncé is another celebrity who is portrayed as a Jesus figure (moniker Beyzus). As discussed in my post Shaun King and the Jesus Controversy, and the Greater Ritual: Black Jesus, she is literally venerated in actual Christian church services known as Beyoncé Mass.

Beyoncé is, of course, a Virgo.

Florida Republican U.S. Congressional candidate K W Miller tweeted the astonishing claim that Beyoncé is not African-American but Italian, and whose real name is ANN MARIE LASTRASSI. This name fits the 193 mercury Jesus code:

The Congressional candidate’s name fits the Mercury code as well:


34 43

In 2011 a Showtime television series was made about Cesare Borgia and family titled The Borgias.

There is a popular belief that Jesus Christ was crucified on April 3rd/3rd April a date written 4-3 or 3-4.

In gematria 43 and 34 are prevalent in Jesus-related terminology:

Because of this The Borgias tv series premiered on April 3rd; 4-3 or 3rd April; 3-4.

The series last aired in 2013 on June 16th, written 6-16. A date under Gemini, which is ruled by MERCURY.

616 is related to Jesus: “RITUAL SACRIFICE” sums to 616 in Jewish/Latin gematria cipher, as does Italian for “blood sacrifice” “SACRIFICIO DI SANGUE”

so it is noteworthy that the aforementioned movie Mercury Rising was also released on April 3rd/ 3rd April.

Gabriel Jesus

Another Jesus figure, this time in the world of soccer – who is literally named Jesus – is Brazilian Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus.

Jesus was born on the crucifixion date April 3rd. Also Gabriel, his first name, is the name of the archangel who announced Jesus’ impending birth to the Virgin Mary.

The question is: Why all the Mercury rituals? Who or what is Mercury that merits so much attention in ritual, especially major cataclysmic ones like September 11th?

The answer could be in the astrological phenomenon of the zodiacal detriment.

The detriment of Mercury is Jupiter, and vice-versa.

I address this in my post Pope Francis, Cesare Borgia and the Mercury-Jupiter Detriment.

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