The ritual of Hideki Matsuyama winning the 85th Masters, April 11, 2021 | From World War, to the Emperor, to Tiger Woods

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Isao Aoki was considered the Japanese golfer in PGA history until today, the day Hideki Matsuyama won The Masters, April 11, 2021. Notice that today is 223 days after his birthday.

The greatest Japanese golfer in PGA history had been Isao Aoki, and now the first Japanese golfer has won the Masters 223 days after his birthday, a key number with the tournament.

223, 48th prime *Tournament began on 4/8 *World War = 48 (You’ll see ahead…)

And remember, Tiger Woods was injured on February 23, or 2/23, like 223.

That was also Naruhito’s birthday, the 126th Japanese Emperor.
*He was synced with Kobe’s death on 1/26…

Notice Naruhito is 61 right now.

And notice today is his 712th day of being in office.

Remember, the Tiger Woods accident reportedly happened at 7:12 AM.

That is the date of Pearl Harbor, 7/12.

It can also be written 12/7, like 127, and this accomplishment came on the 127th day of the Emperor of Japan’s age, a man who was born December 6, one day prior to Pearl Harbor.

Think of Japan, the U.S. and Pearl Harbor… and notice how ‘Matsuyama’ fits in.

World War II ended in ’45, with Hiroshima, on August 6, and Matsuyama won his last tournament on August 6, 2017.
*Asian = 17

Ritual = 45
Tiger Woods crashed in a 45 MPH… (more on that ahead)

And notice how Collin Morikawa fits in with the World War II jokes.

Morikawa’s PGA championship win was in the tournament that went August 6 – 9, 2021, the dates of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

And notice the tournament began 4/8, and ended 11/4, and it began 42 days after Matsuyama’s birthday.

War = 42, Japan = 42

When Collin Morikawa won the PGA Championship, it was the 102nd PGA Championship.

Also, today’s win for Matsuyama came 160 days after the Georgia Governor’s birthday.

*Hideki Matsuyama = 160

And notice he is the 83rd Governor.

83, 23rd prime *Masters = 23


  1. Keenan on April 11, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    First Japanese man to win on his 46th day of his age. Hideki=46. Japanese=46.

    According to ESPN, “Matsuyama was not a popular choice for bettors, either. As of Thursday, he accounted for only 1% of the money that had been wagered on the odds to win the Masters at William Hill sportsbooks.” GO FIGURE!

    The Atlanta Braves, also from Georgia, fell to 4-5 this same day vs the Phillies. Phillies=45.

    Major news sources are saying he made “History.” History=114.

  2. AnthonyCDavison on April 12, 2021 at 3:29 am

    Really appreciate the work you put in – thank you to you and the community for helping us zero in on the winner and benefit from it financially.

    Here’s one more to add to the “WWE/PGA notes:”

    Mandy Rose slipped during her ring entrance at Wrestlemania not long after Justin Rose slipped at the Masters:

    Her name would reveal the eventual Masters winner:

    Mandy Rose=114/42/129

    • AnthonyCDavison on April 12, 2021 at 3:51 am

      From the Masters ending on 11/4 to her up-coming 31st birthday is a full span of 99 days:

      As you know:

      Green Jacket=99

      31 the 11th prime
      11 the master number.

  3. wrb on April 12, 2021 at 6:46 am

    When Matsuyama was born, Naruhito was 32 years 2 days old …322

  4. ceepup on April 12, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    So obvious of Hideki Matusuyama *29 years old won the Masters Sunday April 11,2021
    16 years ago Tiger Woods won the Masters Sunday April 10,2005 at age *29 years old.
    Matsuyama Airport is an airport located 3 NM *(5.6 km; 3.5 mi) west southwest of Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan.

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