The rituals with the staged George Floyd killing & how it is synced with the rigged MLB & NFL

Black Lives Matter Sports

When George Floyd died, I said, definitively, his staged killing was a ritual, and it would be synced with the upcoming major sports seasons for the Twins and Vikings. Of course, George Floyd was killed in the Twin Cities, in Gemini, “the Twins”, and the baseball team is the Minnesota Twins. Furthermore, ‘Minnesota Vikings’ equates to 201, the same as ‘George Perry Floyd’. The proof of the prediction now exists.

From the May 25, 2020 killing of Floyd, to September 29, 2020, when the Astros and Twins Wild Card began, was 127 days later, the 31st prime, and ‘Houston’ equates to 31. Of course George Floyd was from Houston, and killed in Minneapolis.

Notice the Houston Astros won the series 2-0, in 2020, and won the second game 3-1, a lot like 31, for ‘Houston’.

Astros = 20 *Houston = 31

The Wild Card Series also began 106 days after Dusty Baker’s 71st birthday, the “blackest” manager in Major League Baseball, and the manager of the Houston Astros for this season.

Black Lives Matter = 106 *I can’t breathe = 106 *Black = 106

*Oakland, California = 106 (Houston advanced to play Oakland)

Then, on October 4, 2020, Minnesota played Houston in the NFL, a span of 133 days from the killing, and Minnesota won in Houston with 31.

Football = 133 *Minnesota = 133

Houston = 31 (We always teach about Houston and 31 on Patreon… it’s a really, really repetitive pattern).

Notice the 54 combined points in the football game, and that the Astros outscored the Twins 7-2 in the two game series, like 72.

Adding to the joke, Bill O’Brien was fired, the coach of the Texans, after the 0-4 start.

As I’ve taught about many times, including in the videos where I said the George Floyd ritual would be synced with sports, when it comes to Minnesota, ’52’ is the number. Not by chance, Bill O’Brien finished his career with Houston with 52 regular season wins, and 52 all-time losses (including postseason). Thus, Minnesota, who hosted Super Bowl 52, kept him on 52 wins, and gave him his last loss, number 52 all-time.

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