The Rock’s controversy with being King Kamehameha, when he is Polynesian, not Hawaiian

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Polynesian is the problem for the The Rock in his role as the Hawaiian King?

Again, Maui is a Polynesian fire god, and The Rock portrays Maui in the Disney film Moana.

And again, The Rock announced the live action Moana on April 3, 2023, 127 days before August 8, 2023.
Polynesia = 127
Ground Zero = 127
*Bavarian Illuminati = 127

As we also discussed, the Taco Bell in Lahaina is on 127 A Hinau St., and Hinau is Polynesian wood.

Bavarian Illuminati = 80, 127 & 188
The Rock = 80
-He was most recently married on August 18, 2019

His wife is 38 at the time of this deadly fire.
Fire = 38
Energy = 38 & 88 (8/8 date)

Moana released November 23, 2016, the day leaving 38 days in the year.

She was born in 1984…

Also, in light of 127, August 26 leaves 127 days in the year.


  1. Aaravos on August 18, 2023 at 4:47 pm

    Zach if you go to the Maui Fires Wikipedia page there is an aerial view of the fire in Lahaina. It looks like a third eye on fire. Recall Rambo’s work on Shiva.

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