The song ‘Blackout’ on DMX’s Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, December 22, 1998, 22 years before his funeral in the Jay-Z part owned Brooklyn Nets stadium

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The 75th NBA Season began December 22, 2020, the 22 year anniversary of the album (Basketball = 22) and DMX’s funeral was in the Brooklyn Nets stadium during the same season. Jay-Z, on the song ‘Blackout’ from the same album is now a part owner of the Nets, and a hip-hop billionaire. *This was DMX’s 2nd album (2). *Basketball = 22 *22 year anniversary

Notice ‘Blackout’ is the 13th track.
-Thirteen = 99 *DMX died on 99th day of 2021, April 9, along with Queen Liz’s 99-year-old husband.,_Blood_of_My_Blood

This album released December 22, 1998, a date with 151 numerology.

12/22/1998 = 12+22+19+98 = 151

One of the hit songs is “Blackout”, a reference to a power outage, the term connecting to 151.

Keep in mind DMX died this year, April 9, 2021. And keep in mind Jay-Z and the Lox, famous hip-hop acts are featured on this song. It reminds that Method Man and Redman had a hit album, The Blackout… See Matt’s work on that, Hickock on

Read more about 151 in regards to power outages, from “real life” to the world of Entertainment, from hip-hop to NBC’s Revolution, another 151.

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