The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations & the Jesuits

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Read about the Tavistock Institute and the Jesuits:

The Tavistock Institute was founded September 20, 1947.

Notice, September 20 is the 263rd day of the year, the 56th prime.

September 20 leaves 102 days in the year.  *Magic = 102 *Art of War = 102

1968 was 21 years after the St

2001 was 54 years after their establishment.  *Jesuit Order = 54

1968 was 21 years after this establishment . *Jesuit = 21

Remember when the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Seattle, Washington on January 21, or 1/21? *Seattle, Washington = 68

Keep in mind Seattle is on the 47th Parallel North and the Tavistock institute is on the 47th Parallel North.  It reminds the Scottish Rite came to power in ‘France’, and keep 47 degrees on their compass.  *France = 47

The Jesuits and the Scottish Rite share mottos, and Washington D.C., as well as London, and France.

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