The three City States that run the world in gematria terms | City of London, Washington D.C. and Vatican City

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The three city states that truly do dominate the world, Vatican City, the City of London, and Washington D.C., all have very catholic parallels. Starting with Vatican City, there isn’t any explaining. Regarding the City of London, it was originally built by the Romans, and their flag is a red cross, the symbol of the Knights Templar, the original bankers who are a military order of the Catholic Church.

As for Washington D.C., it was previously the Catholic Colony, thus why it is between Virginia and Maryland, not unlike Virgin Mary. It is also the home of the oldest Jesuit University in the U.S., and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

These three locations are the unholy ‘trinity’. Keep in mind the City of London is the modern home of Freemason, established June 24, 1717, a date with 47 numerology, similar to how the cornerstone for Washington D.C. was laid September 18, 1793 by the Freemason George Washington, a date with a life lesson number of 47, and also similar to how the Vatican was established February 11, 1929, where 2/11 is much like 211, the 47th prime.

6/24/17 = 6+24+17 = 47

9/18/1793 = 9+18+(1+7+9+3) = 47

February 11, or 2/11, like 211, the 47th prime number

The flag of Washington D.C., shown above, represents the three city states.

The flag of the Vatican is below.