The Tiger Woods Car Crash Ritual: All Roads Lead to Rome. JUPITER and the Lupercalia Goat Sacrifice

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Golfing great Tiger Woods was reported to have been in a single car traffic accident in the morning of February 23rd, 2021.

The phrase “All roads lead to Rome” applies heavily to this ritual — which is what this was — which has its roots in ancient practices primarily around the chief Greco-Roman deity Jupiter/Zeus the storm god.


To understand the ritual we have to be able to recognize the symbols of Jupiter the god and Jupiter the planet.

The Eagle

The eagle represents the god Jupiter/Zeus. The United States is the “New Rome”, Rome was “the new Babylon” and all used the eagle as a major symbol, indicating the real authority that they venerate.

The Number 99

In gematria the name “JUPITER” sums – among other things – 99. This is a major number that manifests in Jupiter-related rituals.


These two signs – Pisces and Sagittarius emerge over and over in Jovian and Jesuit/Catholic related rituals. It is no coincidence that the first openly Jesuit Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio a.k.a. Pope Francis is a Sagittarius, ordained in Sagittarius, who became a Cardinal in Pisces and whose Papacy began in Pisces, while his last name “BERGOGLIO” has double-overlap in gematria with both “SAGITTARIUS” and “JUPITER.”

The number 24

The glyph for the planet Jupiter is shown below, and looks like a number 24. 24 manifests often in Jupiter-related rituals.

The Lightning Bolt

The lightning bolt is another symbol of the planet and god Jupiter who is the thunder and storm god and an authoritarian among other things.

Jupiter is an orange striped planet. In astrology the tiger – because of its orange color and stripes – is a symbol of the planet Jupiter.

The Tiger

  • His name “Tiger” is a reference to Jupiter.
  • In Chinese astrology the element of wood corresponds with the planet Jupiter. So the name Tiger Woods is Jovian on multiple levels across different traditions.
  • The accident happened on February 23rd in the zodiac sign of Pisces which is partially ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction

It is significant that we are moving out of the Age of Pisces, which is ruled – in part – by Jupiter, and into the Age of Aquarius (an Age lasts over 2,000 years). Aquarius is ruled – in part – by Saturn.

The natural progression is for Jupiter to hand over rulership of the age to Saturn. The dark occult Jesuit/Illuminati elite venerate a negative aspect of Jupiter and do not want to relinquish control to Saturn. Their rituals are intended to usurp the laws of the universe and maintain the Jovian vibration in the Age of Aquarius.

Illustration from the book The Life of Pi, which is emblematic of this Tiger Woods ritual: The tiger (Pisces, Sagittarius/Jupiter attacking the goat (Capricorn/Saturn)


According to Ancient Roman legend, the city and ensuing empire was founded by Romulus and his twin brother Remus who were nurtured as infants by a female wolf.

The wolf has thus become one of the most salient representations of Rome.

The word “Lupus” is Latin for “wolf.” From “Lupus” we get the name “Lupercalia.”

The Ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia was observed every February 15th where sacrifices were made for purification and good fortune.

The animal sacrificed – besides dogs – were male goats. The goat is representative of Capricorn and Saturn.

The Tiger Woods car accident is also part of a Lupercalia ritual. Lupercalia was originally called Februa which is where the month February gets its name from. The car accident comes only nine days after Lupercalia 2021.

The acronym G.O.A.T. is used in sports for Greatest Of All Time. Tiger Woods can be considered the G.O.A.T. of golf. So on multiple fronts Tiger Woods — as a Capricorn and greatest-of-all-time of golf — represents the male goat; the object of sacrifice at Lupercalia.


As I stated in my previous post: The sports drink Gatorade pays homage to Jupiter/Zeus – and the Jesuit/Catholics who venerate St. Peter who is actually Ju – PETER.

  • The lightning bolt logo is the Zeus/Jupiter symbol
  • It was first released for public consumption on September 9th a date written 9-9, a nod to the 99 gematria of “JUPITER.”
  • Most significantly “GATORADE” is a super match with “CATHOLIC” across all four base ciphers.

Tiger Woods is one of the two biggest endorsers of Gatorade; the other being the G.O.A.T. of basketball Michael Jordan who is an Aquarius and thus partially ruled by Saturn.

In addition to the symbolism, gematria reveals evidence of a Jupiter/Jesuit/Tiger Woods-car-crash ritual.

GATORADE, CATHOLIC and CAR CRASH are a super match across 3 of 4 base cyphers.

Gatorade, Tiger Woods and Lupercalia: The Symbol of Matthew Wolff

The wolf is a symbol of Rome. The Tiger Woods car accident ritual is related to Lupercalia that includes the sacrifice of a male goat.

Gatorade did not sign another golfer after ending its contract with Tiger Woods. That is until November 17th, 2020 when it signed Matthew Wolff.

When one understands Lupercalia and its significance to Rome and the Jesuit Order/Catholic Church, one understands that Matthew Wolff was chosen for his last name.

It is not credible that the company believed that a 21 year-old unknown outside of the golf world would entice people to buy the product.


From the date of the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction to the day that Gatorade signed Matthew Wolff was a 35 day span.

In gematria GATORADE = 35




Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq (Babylon) will begin on March 5th a date written 3-5.


Gatorade signed Matthew Wolff on November 17th, 2020 the 322nd day of the year in a leap year. 322 is the number of the secret society Skull and Bones whose most famous member is U.S. President George H. W. Bush whose secret service name is “TIMBERWOLF.”


Matthew Wolff was born in the year ’99 the central “JUPITER” gematria value.


Matthew Wolf’s birthday is 14th April; 14-4 like the gematria of “Jesuit Order” and “Sagittarius.”

Tiger Woods was reported to have been driving a GENESIS GV 80 SUV when he crashed. “GENESIS GV 80” sums to 144.

His birthday is also the anniversary of the shooting of Abraham Lincoln who is memorialized as Zeus in the Lincoln Memorial that is a replica of the Ancient Greek Temple of Zeus in Olympia.

Wolff endorses a Gatorade product named BOLT 24. If wasn’t enough evidence already, this should seal the case that Gatorade is a JUPITER symbol; 24 being the glyph for the planet Jupiter.

And where does Matthew Wolff live; where else but Jupiter, Florida.

Also remember that gatorade comes from Florida a location known for storms and hurricanes.

With the focus on the wolf significance to Rome let us not take our eye off the real big chief: From Wikipedia:

“At the Lupercal altar, a male goat (or goats) and a dog were sacrificed by one or another of the Luperci, under the supervision of the Flamen dialisJupiter‘s chief priest.”

So again, Jupiter is affirmed as the chief overseer of the Roman Empire


The primary gematria number bar none associated with Catholics, Jesuits, Peter, ZEUS, Babylon is 71.

In gematria


PETER = 71

Peter in French is PIERRE = 71

ZEUS = 71


Vatican City = 71





Tiger Woods’ foundation hosted the Genesis Invitational Golf Tournament which ended two days before his car accident. It was won by Max Homa.

His name “HOMA” sums to 71

Tiger Woods endorsed Gatorade FOCUS

In gematria “FOCUS” sums to 71

The acronym GOAT – which applies to Tiger Woods – stands for “Greatest Of All Time” which sums to 71


  1. Sshev on February 24, 2021 at 7:30 pm You need to start using Francis Bacon’s ciphers. Gatorade 201 Woods 71 in Bacon’s Simple. 102 Modern Kaye or the 26 Kaye. The Kay cipher was created to make the G = 33. It is Masonic and Rosicrucian. Tiger Woods 56 in Bacon’s short. Tiger 137 in the Kaye the 33 prime. GOATS (the sacrifices or greatests) = 59, 66 reverse, and 111. 111 is witchcraft. 59 the black and 66 the number of the Beast in reduced. Tiger was just called a GOAT the day before. The 26 cipher words are the dictionary for the 24 Bacon ciphers. The number of the Beast = 67 in the Bacon short. It can be satanic, or a sacrifice, or female. We know because of the 26 or base ciphers on the right.
    WOLF in Sheep’s clothing 227 in Bacon’s. Originally the Roman Paul. Rome. the crash intersection was Blackhorse RD / Hawthorne BLVD = 2271 in Jewish so 227 with the rule of colel “Tiger’s car crash”= 227 FB. Satan Peter = 119 like Francis in ordinal. Francis 67 in Bacon’s. Yelawolf the Musician has Dec 30 birthday like Tiger woods. He is Cherokee and a Cherokee Chief announced ON THE crash day that he wants Jeep to stop using the name. Cherokee Chief = 153 and 227 in Bacon’s . Yelawolf is Michael Wayne Atha 227 Francis Bacon. Yelawolf means SUN wolf in Cherokee. 103 in Bacon’s like 103 Mercury. Transportation accident. The long way around.

    Yelawolf uses Eminem’s label. Eminem 103 and 59. We know 59 is the black in Bacon’s. . Tiger and Eminem have the same numbers 59, 32.
    Eminem and Tiger both are 137 in Modern Kaye the 33 prime. The Birthday 30/12 ends up 312. Jorge Mario Bergoglio 201 and 312.
    The Best 312 for Tiger would be Arnold Daniel Palmer 312 RO. The Most loved golfer in his day. I think Bergoglio is a Sun Wolf. Michael Wolff 113 and 59, like Tiger 59. Wolff is 67 in Bacons as well 22, 110,
    Greatest of all Time 71 in Bacon’s simple.

  2. Sshev on February 24, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    Jesus is 70 in Bacon’s cipher and Lucifer is 71. Peter 71 in Reverse ordinal. Jesus called Peter Satan. In Bacons = 137 233 in Kaye. In reverse ordinal 119 like Francis in ordinal. also 171 in the Kay cipher..

  3. Sshev on February 24, 2021 at 9:20 pm

    Sorry, in the 26 Kaye Gatorade = 201 Car Crash 201 and Catholic 201 in the The Modern 26 Kaye cipher

    • Rambo on February 24, 2021 at 9:31 pm


      • Sshev on February 26, 2021 at 2:39 pm

        I just noticed the first Gatorade bottle has “Quiet Storm” = 157 a Fra Rosicrosse / Bacon / Mason Seal number in ordinal and in the 24 Kaye cipher has 201. Like Gatorade and Car Crash 201 in the modern 26Kaye..

  4. TruthUK on February 25, 2021 at 12:20 am

    The game is deep…keep up the good work

  5. k1 on February 25, 2021 at 6:57 am

    G Juice = 35
    Nike Jordans= 177
    Nike Air Jordans= 67

  6. AnthonyCDavison on February 25, 2021 at 5:41 pm

    Great work as always – ditto for last week’s presentation: Sumerian gods are fascinating, being the originals. A couple of years back I made sure I got a basic knowledge and read the “Epic of Gilgamesh.”

    Before i forget – thank you for mentioning my post to Zach last week too.

    Anyway, I just logged on to add that the high profile person that springs to mind most in relation to Lightning/Lightning bolts is Usain Bolt:

    His full name is “Usain St. Leo Bolt.”

    Usain St. Leo Bolt=49

    Of course he’s a Leo, ruled by the Sun (Born 21/8)


    He turned 31 on the day of the Great American Eclipse.

    “Moon”=218 (Hebrew)

    (The moon blocks out the sun during an eclipse)

    I’m not sure which St. Leo he’s named after; Wiki list several popes called Leo who became saints:

    His signature pose is known as the “Lightning Bolt”:

    and check out this article: Scripted, photoshopped or just good fortune (for the photographer)?

    • Rambo on February 27, 2021 at 7:26 pm

      Thank you again!
      Also I know that you know that that day that Bolt turned 31 and there was the great American Eclipse was the day that Big Ben was shut down. There is this esoteric connection between lightning bolt and clock towers as seen in Back to the Future. That scene celebrated Jupiter the lightning god. You would have to see the scene to get it but when the car disappears after the lightning strike they show very subtle Sagittarius and Pisces signs both ruled by Jupiter.

      The Olympics celebrated the chief god of Mount Olympus Zeus who is Jupiter. Basically all Olympians are honoring Zeus. Sagittarius is the archer. Bolt’s signature pose is “the archer.” He probably doesn’t know it. He didn’t come up with it himself. In bodybuilding a similar pose is called “the archer” It’s homage to Sagittarius and Jupiter.

      Your mate Harvey Barnes did his Sagittarius archer goal celebration only once for some reason.

      71 is THE Jovian/Catholic/Jesuit/Babylon number. CATHOLIC, PETER, BABYLON, ZEUS = 71. USAIN = 71.

      Jupiter/Zeus is the Sumerian ENLIL (25, 52). “Saint Peter is Enlil” = 252. “The Lightning Bolt” = 525 (latin/Jewish).

  7. AnthonyCDavison on February 28, 2021 at 4:10 am

    I knew you’d get the Bolt/Archer pose thing.

    I was in the stadium right in front of Bolt when he began the final leg of his Gold medal 4×100 relay win with Jamaica, London 2012.

    I’ve just re-watched the BTTF clocktower scene and I picked up on the Sagittarius and Leo symbolism but could not immediately see any Pisces tributes (unless you mean how he crashes into a church: Jesus/Pisces?)

    Leo: The stone lions before Doc Brown slides down to the tree

    Saggitarius: The target image to the left as Marty goes Back to the Future
    The “Western Auto” curly arrow
    The straight arrow above the Good Year store.

    I also noticed the film being shown at the theatre is “The Atomic Kid”=71 like all the 71s and also the date in BTTF II when they go to the future (21/10/2015) leaves 71 days in the year. (Libyans/Doc/ATOMIC weapon/Plutonium-powered car

    71 the 20th prime


    The date lightning struck the tower (12/11/1955) has 25 and 97 numerology (97 the 25th prime)

    • Rambo on March 1, 2021 at 6:34 pm

      Good job noticing the arrow on the left. The lightning strike is Jovian as well. The Pisces symbol is not stable. You know the Pisces sign: it looks like an H. The horizontal part of the H is formed by the flaming telephone line or power line. It is above the two flaming skid marks of the DeLorean’s tires. The two flaming tire marks form the vertical parts of the Pisces H. As the camera pans up the horizontal flaming power line intersects with the vertical flaming tire marks forming a flaming Pisces sign. It is not stable. You have to pause at that moment. It continues to pan up until you lose the flaming Pisces sign.

      To the far right there is a large post on fire that looks like an Olympic torch. Doc Brown runs down the street with his right hand in the air simulating holding an Olympic torch. The Olympics honor the god of Mt. Olympus Zeus/Jupiter.

      Mercury rules transportation. Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the Sun. The 88 MPH is a Mercury reference. MJ Fox is Gemini ruled by Mercury hence he is the traveller.

      • AnthonyCDavison on March 2, 2021 at 3:37 am

        Just watched and paused the scene again at the “H” and it’s pretty amazing once you can see it all at once:

        The arrow, H and Olympic Flame on the Greek-style column.

        There’s absolutely no reason for Doc to celebrate with one arm like he does

        Thank you for revealing this to me/us.

        I knew the Mercury 88 (and of course 8=H, so double “H”).

        • Rambo on March 2, 2021 at 5:00 pm

          This all about Jupiter. Zeus is the chief god of Mt. Olympus. The Olympics celebrate Zeus (Jupiter) and so do a good portion of the ruling elite.
          The glyph for the planet Jupiter looks like a 24 like I showed in my last post with the golfer Matthew Wolff endorsing the Gatorade Bolt 24.

          Now you know why the Olympics were held in Greece in 2004. Because 2004 = 24.

          And the logo for the Paris 2024 Olympics is blatantly super obvious once you know the symbolism. It is a Jupiter glyph.

          • AnthonyCDavison on March 3, 2021 at 9:31 am

            Yes, I saw your post on the logo; I never thought about the 2004 Greece thig though – they had the games their and then their country went into financial hardship. They won the Euro 2004 championships too “doing a Leicester” before Leicester “did a Leicester..”

            Ok, I’ve mentioned this before but I’m interested in the astrological perspective now:

            FOUR of the UK’s greatest Olympians share the birthday of 23/3:


            “Olympic Champion”= 233 (Reverse Ordinal)
            “Manchurian Athlete”=233 (KFW Kabbalah)

            I’m interested to know why under Aries ruled by Mars (birthstone Diamond meaning “innocence”)?

          • Rambo on March 3, 2021 at 11:29 am

            I forgot about the “Greece 2004” Euros. Good addition!

            What I believe is part of the 23 March Olympic Greats ritual is ( at least part of the ritual) has to do with the English flag (although Hoy is Scottish). The Red Cross on the English flag is the Phoenician Fire Cross. It is a solar cross. In astrology it is the cross formed by the two solstice signs (Cancer and Capricorn) and the two equinox signs ( Aries and Libra ). It is a.k.a. (as you obviously know) St. George’s Cross, but in astrology it is known as the CARDINAL CROSS. This is because the four signs that form it occur at the beginning of each season.

            Aries rules the CARDINAL CROSS. Each sign is of an element: Cancer = water, Libra = air, Capricorn = Earth. ARIES = FIRE, and it is the Phoenician FIRE CROSS. As to why 23-March specifically I will have to contemplate on that.

            The signs in the middle of the season are the FIXED signs. That is an X cross; St. Andrew’s Cross a.k.a. the Greater Cross. The British flag is a combination of the Cardinal Cross and the Fixed Cross; 8 zodiac signs.

            Taking it back to Sumerian war-of-the-gods: Aries = Mars who is Ninurta/Ningirsu. He is the son of Enlil (Jupiter). In my Cincinnattus article I should how George Washington and the Roman Cincinnattus both represent Ningirsu. Washington is also Jupiter (Enlil) being Pisces and dying in Sagittarius.

          • AnthonyCDavison on March 3, 2021 at 5:48 pm

            That is great knowledge – thanks for the education:

            Specifically, as far as I can see, 23/3 was chosen for its perfect Gematria:

            Olympic Champion=233/82
            23/3 is the 82nd day of the year with 283 remaining.
            283 is the 61st prime

            God=61 (I know you know the 61 list pertaining to God/Jesus/Miracle etc)

            “Olympian”=610 in Jewish

            233 is the 13th Fibonacci number
            41 is the 13th Prime:


            233 is the 51st prime

            Mount Olympus=51 (Full Reduction)
            Victor=51 (V exception)

            You write that date 3/23 in the US:
            “Lucifer”=323 (Jewish)
            Lucifer the light bearer (torch?)

            The modern Olympics are usually held in a leap year so 23/3 is the 83rd day

            Do you happen to know the esoteric reason for the 5 rings on the flag?

          • Rambo on March 3, 2021 at 10:54 pm

            I don’t think that the 5 Olympic Rings have a dark symbolism as far as I can guess. They form the most common and popular pattern in sacred geometry: the vesica pisces, which is a sacred feminine/manifestation symbol. There probably is a deeper Greco-Roman meaning to it but it is a pretty simple design. It doesn’t really give you a whole lot to decode.

            Audi favors the same logo.

  8. chief.rasko on December 17, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    Rambo what are the chances of this..

    I read an article just then about Matthew Wolff visiting a cancer patient at Masonic Children’s Hospital oncology patient from St. Paul. Her name is Izzy Bogie(I’m guessing like the golf term) the article states their love for dogs brought the two people together. What’s Matthew Wolff’s dogs name? Well of course his dog is called Zeus as mentioned in the article…what are the god damn chances i don’t even know what else to say..

    • Rambo on December 19, 2021 at 3:42 pm

      LOL! Great find! I thought that you were just referring to it as a Masonic Hospital; I didn’t realize that it is literally named “Masonic Hospital.”

      If the rest of the world only knew!

    • Rambo on December 19, 2021 at 4:12 pm

      Anthony Davis of the LA Lakers is a Pisces (ruled by Jupiter), and his dog is named Zeus as well.

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