The TOILET PAPER Phenomenon in Dark Ritual Context

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in the midst of the current pandemic-scare — which is also an attack on human civil-liberties, and an economic assault — we have seen an unusual prioritization of toilet paper: the TOILET PAPER PHENOMENON.

It does appear to be some kind of psychologically manipulated ridiculing of the human race.

Gematria confirms that this is what it is: in Gematria TOILET PAPER and MIND CONTROL match perfectly across all four base ciphers:

If you look at societal trends leading up to this – especially in pop culture – the TOILET PAPER PHENOMENON is a culmination or at least a continuation of a conscious message as to what some one or some thing in power thinks of the human race:

  • In 2016 The National Poo Museum was opened on Britain’s Isle of Wight; basically a museum dedicated to feces.
  • In 219 a similar museum was opened in Yokohama, Japan called Unko Museum. Unko is the Japanese equivalent of “poop.”

From a museum PR Spokesperson: “We believe that setting poo as entertainment, not a museum, is the first in the world.

“There is no dirty brown poop in Unko Museum. It’s all colorful, cute and pop design poop.”

Feces-themed toys have been increasingly prevalent

  • In Britain a toy named UNICORN POO (above) sold 500,000 units in 2018.

It is very noteworthy that the rainbow and unicorn are common MK Ultra MIND CONTROL symbols.

  • The earliest example of this kind of programming in popular culture is in Comedy Central’s South Park series that – in 1997 – featured a character named MR. HANKEY THE CHRISTMAS POO that was a talking piece of excrement that wore a Santa hat. This was an enormously successful character.
  • It was so popular that a British toy manufacturer made a knock-off called THE CHRISTMAS TURD touted as “a rubber steamy coiler” with a Santa hat.
  • All toy-isles in stores have been containing multiple feces-themed games. Some games include: DON’T STEP IN IT

POOP THE POTATO invention is credited to a woman in Kansas. Here the Kansas City Star newspaper website very proudly boasts of her accomplishment and includes pictures of SENIOR CITIZENS playing the game.

  • It has also become popular for bakeries make products such as cakes and doughnuts with a feces theme.
  • There is even a soft drink named MARTIAN POOP SODA
  • The most popular show on MTV – that influenced a generation of teenagers (and 20 – even 30 year olds) – was JACKASS, that regularly featured the excrement theme. 2010’s JACKASS MOVIE featured a stunt titled POO COCKTAIL SUPREME. It featured Steve-O strapped into a port-a-potty, which was full to the max with its contents, strapped to bungee chords, and he was shaken and stirred with the contents of the port-a-potty.

That stunt can be viewed here:

The Guardian newspaper and website published an article titled :

From the joke shop to the high street: why poo is no longer taboo

This is the back-drop against which we have come to this TOILET PAPER PHENOMENON.

Among other powerful “hidden hands” the Jesuit Order – which started in Northern Italy – has influenced current events.

The Jesuit Order a.k.a. Society Of Jesus’ world famous emblem can be seen below

But viewed upside-down the emblem reads completely differently:

56 has emerged as perhaps the key gematria code number of the Corona virus narrative.

The Covid-19 virus is said to have originated from a FRUIT BAT.

California Governor Gavin Newsom famously stated that 56% of Californians would contract Corona virus in 56 days

Related terminology all sum to 56.

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