The tribute to George H.W. & George W. Bush, as well as Bill Clinton, Arkansas @ Texas A&M, October 31, 2020, Halloween Day

Knights Templar Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Sports

It is only possible for the Texas A&M Aggies to become 4-1 in Week 9 of the college football season due to the coronavirus.

Notice, George H.W. Bush was buried next to where the Halloween game will be played between Texas A&M and Arkansas, the latter schooling reminding of Bill Clinton, from Arkansas, who was #42, after #41, George H.W. Bush, the Skull and Bones member.

This game on Halloween, or ’41’ day, comes 701 days after his death.

H.W. was born 12/6, like 126.

Read about 701, 126, and the Knights Templar as well as Jesuit Order:

Skull and Bones gets their symbolism from how the Knights Templar buried their death, in an Ossuary.

This game comes on 10/31, and H.W. died on 11/30, the anniversary of Paul Walker’s death, who starred in The Skulls, about Skull and Bones, where he drove a red Porsche in the film, similar to the one he died in.

10+31 = 41 *11+30 = 41

For the clincher, this game comes on George W. Bush’s 118th day of being 74 years old.

For one more, it comes on Bill Clinton’s 74th day of being 74 years old.

For another nail, this will be the 76th game between Arkansas and Texas A&M.

Notice the Aggies can stay on 41 all-time losses vs. Arkansas in the 76th game.


  1. Whatstheuse on October 31, 2020 at 6:05 am

    It’s also the first time we’re having a full moon on Halloween in 76 years .it’s a blue moon. You j ke how they say “ once in a blue moon “ … that is 76 in reverse full reduction .

    • Whatstheuse on October 31, 2020 at 6:06 am

      College football = 74 in rfr

  2. Sshev on October 31, 2020 at 9:05 am

    You are missing a way bigger deal. This is the day of the Memorial for Tony Bobulinski’s sister in law. Ossuary = 144 and 911 Jewish. Bobulinski = 156 the prime is 911. That is not even the point. Her obituary said it was her favorite day. Texas A M Arkansas = 167. Her obit started with a quote “Tell me how he died? “I will tell you how he lived” =191. Her husband wrote that it was a quote from “The Last Samurai” = 167, 211. Texas A M Arkansas = 167. Joe Biden’s birthday, from a Rambo post, was 20/11 or 211, and The Apprentice = 211. Then the obit said she was “a true warrior”= 167, 157. Texas A M Arkansas = 167. Arsenic poison = 157.

    No one is commenting on “Robert Hunter Biden’s hard drive” = 144 and 153 single. Jesuit Order = 144, 153. The phrase = 1881 in English extended, with the rule of colel = 1880 or 188. “The Blacked Out News” = 71 single 188 ordinal. The Coronavirus 71, 188 Tony Bobulinski 71 single, 188 ordinal.

    Look at the Fox News “Tucker Carlson” = 191 interview on youtube. The numbers are like The Coronavirus = 71 and 188. Crown of Thorns = 71, 188. President Trump = 71, 188 in the Jewish ciphers, and Sir Francis Bacon’s ciphers. Biden’s partner was Tony Bobulinski = 71, 188 in reduced and ordinal. The Biden/Bobulinski company; “Sinohawk Holdings” = 188. Hunter Biden = 177. In the interview Bobulinski said his sister in law died “two weeks ago” = 54, 144, 153 like Jesuit Order 54, 144, 153. Then , a bit later, he said 6:38. Six thirty eight = 84, 201, 177 like The Jesuit Order. 84, 177, 201. It was strange how he bought it up. Her obit said she died in her sleep. So, where did he get the exact time? Her obit started with a quote “Tell me how he died? “I will tell you how he lived” =191. Her husband wrote that it was a quote from “The Last Samurai” = 167, 211. Biden’s birthday, from a Rambo post, was 20/11 or 211, and The Apprentice = 211. Then he said she was “a true warrior”= 167, 157. Arsenic poison = 157. If you look at the actual day she died, it was October seventeen =187. So, ten days from the interview. Ten days = 88. Arsenic poisoning = 88. Trump = 88. In the Interview Bobulinski says Joe Biden met with him and was part of the company he called Sinohawk . Sinohawk = 37,44 Joe Biden 37, 44. Sinohawk is also 116, in time for the World Series.
    Alanna Bobulinski = 41 Septenary, 58, 157, numbers like Kobe Bryant. There is a 67 single and the 157 that makes it like Arsenic Poison = 67, 157. . The Obit brings up her favorite place. A place called “Kill Devil Hills”= 222, 156 (911) in North Carolina = 67, 86. Human sacrifice = 67,86. The obit said it was cancer.= 37,44 like Sinohawk and Joe Biden. . Her Memorial is in Virginia = 177 franc baconis. On her favorite day of the year; October Thirty one = 86, 220. Donald John Trump = 68, 220. I’m just pointing out the Gematria . Twitter blocked the New York Post from putting out the story. No other news station has interviewed him. I am only saying this thing seems scripted. There was no good reason for him to mention his sister in law in a conversation about his connection to the Bidens. Oh, wait. Her number was 157 and The Bidens = 157 like arsenic poison. . He was there to out Joe Biden and back up Biden’s laptop = 191 and Hunter Biden’s Hard drive = 111,123, 228 with the sum of divisors 560, or 56, 339 with a prime 2281 or a rule of colel 228. Jewish reduced 115 and 223 Jewish ordinal.
    Alanna Marie (Melkulcok) Bobulinski = 144 and 153 in KV and 306 Ordinal. Robert Hunter Biden’s hard drive = 144 and 153 single, and 306 in Ordinal. I guess it is all just coincidental. Biden calls it “a Smear Campaign” which is 41 in Ordinal and 115 in Jewish ordinal. Kill = 41 and 14 in the Jewish and Bacon’s ciphers. There was a follow up the next night on how they screwed him out of the money with an account called Hudson West IV, where the big money was supposed to have been transferred. Instead the Bidens got the money transferred into an account called Hudson West III. In speaking he called it Hudson West Three, which is 201 reverse ordinal. Hudson = 27, 81, 81 like Ritual 27, 81, 81. and both are 77 in Jewish . 77 is also a number in Arsenic poison.

  3. Sshev on October 31, 2020 at 1:02 pm

    Texas AM Aggies = 68, 220 Donald John Trump = 68, 220. Arkansas 167 franc baconis like “a true Warrior” and “The Last Samurai” in her obituary, and her memorial today. The knights Templar were quoting the KJV Psalm 115. 115 like killing.

  4. Sshev on October 31, 2020 at 7:03 pm

    If Alanna Bobulinski WAS taken out, then it turns A smear campaign 115 into a rule of colel Blood sacrifice in Jewish ordinal. A smear campaign = 67 single reduced, 86, 121, 257. Blood sacrifice = 67, 86, 121, 257. Biden is calling Bobulinski’s story a smear campaign. There doesn’t have to be actual blood. Human sacrifice 67, and 86 fits a smear campaign in the first two numbers.
    The score 17, and 28 = kill. 41 = kill in Jewish ordinal. Alanna Bobulinski = 41 in Septenary. Death 118.

  5. Sshev on October 31, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    OOps, that was 3rd quarter. Final total score 73 like sacrifice.

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