The United States’ Pluto Return, British-American Ritual, the World Cup and the Star SIRIUS

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There is an ongoing Anglo-American theme to today’s events, which is the root of many rituals disguised as news and sports and entertainment narratives.

I alluded to this Anglo-American theme in my recent post on

I also gave examples of the Anglo-American theme in this Youtube video about the two Birminghams: Birmingham, Alabama and Birmingham, England.

Anglo-American themed rituals have been going on ever since the U.S. gained independence but are especially pronounced now due to the astrological phenomenon of the Pluto return of the United States.

United States’ Pluto Return

Although Pluto has been demoted from planet status it was considered a planet at the time of United States independence on July 4th, 1776, and is still extremely powerful in Astrology. It is the outer-most planet and thus has the longest orbit around the Sun.

Pluto return means that Pluto is back to the same location that it occupied on July 4th, 1776.

This is why we are seeing so many references to Charlotte in news, sports and entertainment: Queen Charlotte was Britain’s Queen Consort when the United States attained independence from the U.K.

A prime example is that Major League Baseball just signed a contract with the manufacturer of CBD oil Charlotte’s Web as an official sponsor.

Queen Charlotte became Queen Consort on September 8th, 1761.

Queen Camilla became Queen Consort on September 8th, 2022.

The United States’ first ever female Vice President is Kamala Harris.

Notice the similarities between Camilla and Kamala.

Camilla became Queen Consort when Queen Elizabeth died at age 96.

It is a 96 day span between Camilla’s July 17th birthday and Kamala’s October 20th birthday.

Pluto rules the the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

The year of the United States’ Pluto return sees the United States with a Scorpio President (Joe Biden; November 20th)and Great Britain with a Scorpio King (Charles III: November 14th).

The 2022 World Cup

The quadrennial World Cup of football/soccer is the primary; most prestigious sporting event in the world.

This year’s World Cup started on Joe Biden’s November 20th birthday.

The World Cup format consists of a first round in which teams play 3 games in a four team group.

Each group is determined by a seeding process – based on world ranking – and a “random” draw.

As sheer, absolute coincidence would have it — with the United States experiencing its Pluto return, (Pluto rules Scorpio) after independence from Great Britain — and the U.S. and Britain both with Scorpio leaders, and with the World Cup starting on the U.S. leader’s birthday….

… the United States was drawn into a group with not just one, but two British teams: Wales and England. What are the odds?

The world’s media made a massive deal out of the presence of a spider on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth at her funeral. I have made and will continue make posts and videos on this profound ritual and allegory.

In the Latin cipher of English gematria “SPIDER” has a value of 248.

The gematria value of “SPIDER” is precisely the orbital period of the Pluto: 248 years (Earth days).

And remember that the most famous fictional protagonist spider is Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web, most likely named after Britain’s Queen Charlotte. Queen Elizabeth died on the anniversary of Charlotte’s accession.

This is all the confirmation needed that the Pluto return of the United States of America is front and center and at the heart of multiple events in the news, entertainment and sports, especially regarding events in the U.K. and in the United States.

War Theme

England and the United States are scheduled to play each other on November 25th, 2022.

The two great wars fought between Great Britain and the United States are the Revolutionary War (and think about the word “revolution”; to revolve like the way Pluto completes a revolution around the Sun) and the War of 1812.

The United States national anthem — that they will stand and hold hands-to-hearts to before the game — The Star Spangled Banner, is a direct reference to the War of 1812 which is the event that its author Francis Scott Key describes in the song.

The United States President during the War of 1812 was James Madison who was also involved in the Revolutionary War.

A member of the current England team has the exact same name with slightly different selling; James Maddison.

It seems almost too obvious that James Maddison should score in this game.

It is interesting that James Maddison plays for Leicester City Football Club of the English Premier League, and Leicester just happens to be the spider capital of the United Kingdom according to studies.

U.S.A. VS England will be both teams’ second of 3 first round games.

England won its first game vs Iran by a score of 6-2 with one of England’s goals occurring in the 62nd minute.

To those very few knowledgeable about gematria. the ritual of this score is blatantly obvious.

“QUEEN” and “CROWN” sum to 62.

Elizabeth became Queen on 6th February 6-2.

She was coronated on 6-2 June 2nd.

The Star Spangled Banner is a song about the War of 1812. It will be played before the England vs USA game. It was written by “FRANCIS SCOTT KEY” whose name sums to 62.

The War of 1812 ended on February 17th; a date written 2-17.

Francis Scott Key” has gematria value of 217.

From the day of the death of Queen Elizabeth (September 8th, 2022) to the U.S.A. vs England World Cup game (November 25th, 2022) is a period of 2 months 17 days.

2 -17 like the date on which the War of 1812 ended.


The above is the Wikipedia date. Google says that the War of 1812 ended on February 18th, 2-18.

If you include the beginning through and including the end date, for the total number of days, it is a 2 month, 18 day span from Elizabeth’s death and the end of the War of 1812.

114 The Anglo-American Code Number

The name of the U.S. President during the War of 1812 “MADISON” has a value of 114 which actually is the biggest Anglo-American code number.

Queen Elizabeth II died on a day (September 8th) that left 114 days in the year.

114 is the date January 14th.

The most salient example of 114 as an Anglo-American code is Benedict Arnold who was a general in the Revolutionary War for the American Continental Army who switched sides to command Britain troops against the soldiers that he once commanded.

Benedict Arnold was born 1-14 January 14th.

1776 is an obvious number that is relevant to the United States and the U.K.

1776 days before the November 25th, 2022 U.S.A. vs England game is 114, January 14th, 2018.

In my video on the two Birminghams I showed that the city of Birmingham, England — after which Birmingham, Alabama is named — received city status on January 14th, 1889.

England international football player — who starred in the city of Birmingham — Cyrille Regis, died on January 14th, 2018, 1776 days before the England vs USA World Cup game.

January 14th, 2018 — and 1741 when Benedict Arnold was born — leaves 351 days in the year.

351 is famous as the time of day for one of the most iconic sports photographs of all time when Michael Jordan was pictured dunking in the 1988 NBA All Star Slam Dunk contest.

351 is the 26th triangular number.

26 is the “QUEEN”, “CROWN” AND “ROYAL” gematria values. Elizabeth born in the year ’26, ascended to the throne on February 6th, and was inaugurated 2nd June.

Remember that the War of 1812 ended on February 17th; 2-17.

From Elizabeth II’s death to the November 25th England vs USA game is 2 months 17 days.

“England versus the United States of America” sums to 217.

2-17 is also the birthday of Michael Jordan.

Again: James Madison was the United States President during the War of 1812.

Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls home stadium the United Center is on a street named after James Madison, and in fact part of Madison Street was renamed “Michael Jordan Drive”.

Michael Jordan is currently owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association.

The city of Charlotte is named after Queen Charlotte who was Queen Consort of Great Britain when the United States achieved independence from them in the year 1776.

1776 weeks before the November 25th, 2022 U.S.A. vs England game is Armistice Day, 1988, in keeping with the prominent war theme.

In gematria “ELIZABETH” has a value of 88.

Armistice Day 1988 was the 70th anniversary of the armistice signed to cease World War I hostilities.

70 is a key number for Elizabeth:

She had a historic and unprecedented 70 year reign.

She was born on a date with 70 numerology.

Her funeral was on a date with 70 numerology.

The name “CYRILLE REGIS” sums to 70.

Remember that Cyrille Regis died on 1-14, 1776 days before the USA vs England World Cup game.

That England vs USA World Cup game will take place on Friday November 25th, 2022 which — in the United States — is the day after the big Thanks Giving holiday; a day nicknamed “BLACK FRIDAY” which sums to 70.

His name Regis is Latin for “King”.

All this suggests that Cyrille Regis was a sacrifice for the city of Birmingham, the Queen, King Charles, and for England in the 2022 World Cup game versus the USA.

70 is a number relating to the sacred star Sirius which is known as the “DOG STAR”.

The fixed star Sirius is invisible from Earth for 70 days a year when it is obscured behind the Sun.

The 4th July, 1776 was a time when Sirius was directly behind the Sun, in what is called an opposition, which is an alignment of Earth, the Sun and Sirius.

British Queens honor the Dog Star Sirius by owning Corgi dogs.

Queen Charlotte was depicted with Corgis. Queen Elizabeth who had a spectacular Corgi drone display above Buckingham Palace.

Michael Jordan is a symbol of Sirius. He was born with Sirius rising on the Eastern Horizon.

The Chicago Bulls’ intro during the Michael Jordan era was the song “SIRIUS” by the Alan Parsons Project.

American Meghan Markle is a major Anglo-American symbol.

She married Britain’s Prince Harry in a private ceremony which included water from the River Jordan, so another Jordan reference.

Queen Charlotte is speculated in many circles as possessing some African ancestry. She is played by mixed race Golda Rosheuvel in the Netflix series Bridgerton.

Meghan Markle is a symbol of a Muti-racial Queen Charlotte.

Her marriage ceremony to Prince Harry was held on the birth date of Queen Charlotte: May 19th. This was in 2018.

The actress who portrays Queen Charlotte, Golda Rosheuvel, is also coded with Charlotte’s birthday.

Her birthday is 19 weeks, 5 days before Charlotte’s. 19-5 like 19th May, Queen Charlotte’s birthday.

Rosheuvel was born in the year ’70, the Sirius number.

Remember that Michael Jordan is a Sirius symbol and he owns the CHARLOTTE Hornets.

“QUEEN CHARLOTTE” has a value of 70 in gematria.

Freemasonry observes the annual Heliacal Rising of Sirius, that is the re-appearance of Sirius after 70 days of invisibility, on 23rd July. That is the day after 22-7 (Pi) and thus the beginning of a new cycle.

Michael Jordan’s father died on 23rd July.

In the Latin/Agrippa cipher of English gematria “MEGHAN MARKLE” sums to 237 like the date 23rd July.

Remember that Markle’s private wedding ceremony to Prince Harry included water from the River Jordan.

Remember the iconic picture of Michael Jordan at the 1988 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest, with 3:51 time in the background.

3:51 pm is 15:51 on the 24-hour clock.

The Head Coach of the United States national football/soccer team is Greg Berhalter whose full name “Gregg Matthew Berhalter” equals 1551 in the Latin cipher of English gematria.

Berhalter currently resides in Chicago.


  1. wrb on November 24, 2022 at 4:19 pm

    Hey Rambo,
    I notice Pluto will be in the sign of the sea-goat till 2024.
    To align with your Dolphins post…
    Dauphin is dolphin in French. Louis Alphonse de Bourbon is the current Dauphin of France. For SBLVII he will have been the Dauphin for a span of exactly 1776 weeks!

  2. Rambo on November 25, 2022 at 4:40 am

    Great knowledge! Thanks! I didn’t realize that they still had a Dauphin. 3 Mile Island nuclear plant was in Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

  3. wrb on November 25, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    Cheers Rambo.
    And one more for your birthing ritual on the day of Super Bowl 57…
    From coronavirus pandemic declaration on March 11th 2020 to SBLVII is a span of 1069 days
    Vesica Piscis = 1069(J)

  4. David G. Olsen on November 25, 2022 at 5:21 pm

    With the 114 thing, you also have “Meghan” = 114. Lilibet who is Queen Elizabeth’s 11th Great Grandchild was born at 11:40am. Eleventh Great-grandchild = 114. King Charles = 1140 (rev. sumerian). He was born 11/14. Martin Luther King Jr. = 114, MLK = 114 Francis Bacon, Lebron James = 114 (“King James”).

    • Rambo on November 27, 2022 at 6:28 pm

      Those are great additions! I have a whole 114 Anglo-American code decode that I have to do. You hit on one of the main points in LeBron James who is King James. He owns a percentage of Liverpool Football Club. He is managed by Fenway Sports Group who own the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool. 114 is all over Liverpool and Boston. The Red Sox won the 114th World Series as one example.

      The Lilibet birth time is amazing detail especially, cheers!

  5. Slava on November 27, 2022 at 12:10 pm

    I think it would be interesting for Rambo.
    Found interesting intersections with the subject of strangulation and the ritual of the hanged man. World Championship in Qatar.
    The name of the country “Qatar” is consonant with Catarrh. Catarrh is an exudate of inflamed mucous membranes in one of the airways – derived from ancient Greek (katarrhein): kata- meaning “down” and rhein meaning “to flow.”
    Also in Strong’s Dictionary, numbered H6999, the word qatar – burn (incense, sacrifice) (upon), (altar for) incense, kindle, offer (incense, a sacrifice).
    Don’t you find it strange that the German players covered their mouths with their hands just before the match with Japan?
    The name “Germany” comes from the Latin “Germania”. For the first time the name was used by Julius Caesar in his “Notes on the Gallic War” in relation to the tribes who lived across the Rhine. Rhine sounds like “rhein” in the Greek word katarrhein.
    The ethnonym “nemec” (inhabitant of Germany) in Russian comes from “dumb. This is how foreigners in Russia were called who did not know the language or knew it poorly, and therefore for the most part were silent.
    The flag of Japan depicts the sun.
    Given the events of the last 2 years related to pulmonary pneumonia, what can it mean when the “stream of macrot” team at the championship Catarrh covers its mouth against the Asian team under the covid sign “Apollo Sol Invictus”? With what score did the match end? 2-1 in favor of Apollo Sol Invictus? 2-1 sounds like Event 201 – pandemic drills.
    Qatar gained independence from Great Britain on September 3 (119 days before the end of the year).
    Event 911 2001 in New York City – a ritual of incense, a sacrifice.
    As predictive programming, the Freemasons often mockingly inserted cigarette smoking symbols into movies. The ash after the collapse triggered lung disease.

    • Rambo on November 27, 2022 at 6:51 pm

      Great esoteric decoding. That image of Germany covering their mouths was very striking. There just had to be a lot more to that. It does have an “I Can’t Breathe” feel to it. Imitating the masks, and against an Asian team.

  6. Slava on November 27, 2022 at 12:55 pm

    248 – 2 die 4 8 – 2 die 4 scorpion
    The eighth sign of the horoscope is scorpion. The queen died for the new king – Charles according to his horoscope he is a scorpio.
    The king of the Scorpions of ancient Egypt.
    Scorpion I lived even before Narmer’s unification of Egypt. According to the latest information, King Scorpion I succeeded in uniting the small and fragmented kingdoms of southern Egypt around about 3200 BC. As I understand it, the new Scorpion King is charged with the task of globalization.
    The song and music video of Tove Lo 2 die 4 is filled with symbolism, the album cover is a female scorpion. A constant phrase in the song 2 die 4 every day (8 letters).
    The music from Popcorn was chosen for a reason.

    • Rambo on November 27, 2022 at 6:55 pm

      Brilliant again! 248 “2 for scorpion”! I’m sure Dwayne Johnson ties in here somewhere with the Scorpion King movies.

  7. wrb on November 30, 2022 at 7:34 am

    Maddison will be a span of 26 years and 26 days old for the final.

    • Rambo on November 30, 2022 at 8:20 pm

      Wow! Nice one! Of course the final is on 18th December 18-12. Like 1812.

  8. metal or die on December 1, 2022 at 4:41 am

    Jordan’s birth time of 1.40pm can be written 13.40 in the 24-hour clock and “heliacal rising of Sirius” is 134 in Agrippa. Thanks!

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