The very 201 ritual of Donald & Ivana Trump’s wedding, April 7, 1977, and Donald Jr. born on Trump’s 201st day of his age, December 31, 1977

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What a 201 spectacle!

Donald Trump and Ivana were married on April 7, 1977, by Norman Vincent Peale at Marble Collegiate Church. Notice the 201s in both names.

And then they had their first child, December 31, 1977, the 201st day of Trump’s age.

Norman Vincent Peale died on Christmas Eve, in ’93.
Order of Illuminati = 201 / 93
Heliocentrism = 150 / 93
-Sun 93m miles away
-Sun, 150m km away
-Illuminati = 150

He died 225-days after his 95th birthday…


  1. k1 on July 14, 2022 at 8:40 pm

    fell down stairs = 201 / 177 /84

  2. Frost on July 15, 2022 at 5:08 am

    How it works.

    Part A – Networking society in a centralized and artificial manner. How is this possible? Waveforms: Life is not what we’re led to believe. everything in existence organic or not, is in constant emission of electromagnetic radiation. Simplified, what constitutes matter, electrons and protons, are also the units of electricity. Inherently, humans are electrical beings with a mode of function (brain) not unlike a computer system (processor) (links i, ii). for any electrical charge generated there is a perpendicular magnetic flux in proportion, together these yield a waveform which encodes details of electrical actions in time, this is termed electromagnetic radiation (E.M/E.m.f/E.m.w) ( All which constitutes your makeup – from physical, biology to mental, psychology – like bits by transistors, are primarily delineated in the brain by neurons whose sequences connote electrical activity which (through it’s E.M disbursements and quantifiable distortions to an externally generated E.M field) can be measured with alarming precision to form brain maps and cognitive patterns which when compiled can be analyzed by algorithms to derive possible mental and physical activities the being is undergoing (, and link iii). this process of neuronal function which entails electrical activity can be induced and effectively geared by initiating evoked potentials through precise E.M actions ( Conveniently, we, as an industrial civilization, are in a constant showering of artificially generated E.M fields originating from channels in the form of radio waves for the purposes of telecommunication and “high speed” internet. algorithms can be developed to run and manage these functions it’s common knowledge that some algorithms exist to run closed systems but not quite common that it’s done in a global centralized and automated manner not specifically supervised by human initiative or input. It’s overseen by what purports to be a non substrate bound sentience or pseudo sentient entity, you may have perceived it or experienced it’s functions, I don’t know what it is empirically. to know it, let alone understand it, you need to be functioning at a high level of consciousness. You must broaden your psychological boarders for what is possible. The two instances most plausible for its operation are; a self regulated machine intelligence network. And; a humanoid network – a literal neural network of brains somehow integrated with machine processing – of sorts. the latter is somewhat naturally occurring (link ic). To assume this science and technology being in the hands of only the benevolent or used only benevolently is willfully naive. For said system, with enough real-world data to train computations and run simulations, over enough cycles it becomes possible to predict future events with a degree of accuracy. with the capacity to gear the datasets it becomes possible to control these events. ( It’s too factual that the mechanisms sourced for ease of living are the very mechanisms for orwellian totalitarianism on overdrive, if it were to exist the conditions are ripe. But this humanity ignores.

    Resource links:

    i. Humans as antennas –




    ii. Neurons as transistors –

    iii. RINT. Radiation intelligence –



    iv. Its science and technology –

    Video resources:

    1. RNM. Remote neural monitoring –

    2. Machine intelligence network –

    3. The singularity –

    Part B – The mind. Science of spiritually: A sentient being which possesses functions and a centre for articulation of this is said to have cognition. This cognitive function is primed through data input from its sensory organs, organs which serve as defacto ever present filters to true reality, hence the term perception. This middle juncture along with being inefficient is especially malleable to the effect of waveforms as explained in paragraph 1 (pgr 1) There are different modalities for cognitive process which we’ll term methods of logic (logic pattern, cognitive pattern), these are represented as brain wave sequences, these sequences are recursive between humans of similar psychology. When categorized, they fall between archetypal margins distincted by their intrinsic functionalities – this defines spirit (the essential conceptualization of the word which is non-paranormal) as the persistent or emanating incline of cognitive process. Processes which when altered or geared – Renoting, as explained, the algorithmic utilization of E.M waveforms for such intent ( – presents a better connotation of the word understood by the religious. Certain subjects pertaining to the human psyche become unobscured within this realm of neuroscience, including schizophrenia and notions of mind control, soul selling and demonic possession. As stated, the human cognitive function across individuals is similar yet categorically different, these categories were explored and detailed by ancient mystics, the idea has its concept in the Roman-catholic doctrine which personifies the cognitive inclinations into classes of spirits and demons, with two overarching inclinations of what they considered to be inclined to greater good or evil by their heuristics: God – good orderly conduct – effectively is the cognitive pattern(s) whose overarching inclination is a resolve into coherence of the established system; a harmonious inter-coherence of individuals functioning in this capacity. And; Devil – backwards spelt lived – effectively is the cognitive pattern(s) whose progressive resolve is the antithesis of system coherence; extra-personal disruption. That being said, the true probability of a people’s dominant logic standard being especially good or evil or even an accurate balance of both is negligible, therefore the devil to any collective is merely the presumed antithesis of the sphere (logic standard, base reasoning) in which it resonates, and not necessarily an anti to an empirical measure of absolute good or the system thereof. I can easily see the prevailing religious doctrine in an alternate universe on the killing of other animals being an act against Godly nature in whose context we, the majority of humanity, would be considered devilish. This should encourage a re-evaluation of your version of devil or villain figure as the paradigm of good and evil is contextually miscible and a people’s claim to either is usually dictated by perspective, perception and condition than of some all encompassing universal standard. Malleability of perception: Although communication can be effectively utilized to somewhat convey objectivity, everyone resides in the subjective reality purported by their perceptive disposition and exists as impressions bolstering everyone else’s misaligned perceptions of true reality. With the unreliable nature of cognition and malleable nature of its processes to outside influence and there existing mechanisms utilized for that intent (pgr 2) it becomes clear why the resonant definitions of normal can differ so much between collectives.

    Part C — Occultic deciphering of reality: From my understanding, either naturally or contrived, truth seems to seep out of and impact onto every aspect of reality assigned to conscious witnessing, this occurs unbeknownst to the mainstream level of consciousness, considering conscious perception to be a gradient with mainstream level being the least necessary for social prosperity. In and to the mainstream, terms are utilized in metaphors to infer alternate meanings thence imperceptibly priming the realities of a target collective (for a purpose of acquiescence or manifestation) while simultaneously conveying hidden information to a target audience comprising individuals who perceive it. This is done through concepts. It incorporates alternate definitions of words in accord with nuance, for example the exploitation of phonetically ambiguous words like ‘pistol’ and ‘piss tool’ (a crude colloquial for penis), ‘switches’ – colloquial for gun – which is also the term for connectivity points in a network (the brain’s neural network being enumerated). This adds tangental layers of information to its context. This deciphering method entails an abstraction of the fundamental concept of a notion and transmuting according to nuance. recurring themes across different scopes suggest the strongest fit for certainty. Subjectivity is non the less a factor. The multiverse as a notion can be conceptualized when you consider the internal world conjured by sentience to be a psuedo tangible virtual cosm of a sort, then each singular unit would be a constituent of, or better put, constituting a sort of macrocosm, this macrocosm which harbors the sum of the collective units, this encompassing of the singular depictions from the many sentient units we’ll call universes is essentially the multiverse. Expanding further, the human perception of reality is non infallibly filtered, this falters into deviating perceptions (perception – perception, perception – true reality). Not necessarily being a result of inefficiency than of sheer perspective and/or subconscious bias, deviations which over time would depict radically differing reiterations of true reality, we’ll call these versions. For a 3rd party experiencing reality through this phenomenon, it would be multi versions of reality, each unit being a version we’ll call 1 universe. Multiples of which comprises the multiverse.

    • Frost on July 15, 2022 at 5:09 am

      Feel free to use this in its entirety.

    • Fernando J. González G. on July 16, 2022 at 2:11 pm

      «Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him»

  3. Sean on July 15, 2022 at 8:21 am

    It was 333 years 3 months from the beginning reign of William of Orange…
    The Trump, Orangeman theme.
    ~33 years after The Fall’s – I am Kurios Oranj which is about him and William Blake

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