The Wanted singer Tom Parker, dead at 33 from brain cancer, March 30, 2022

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Thomas Anthony Parker is dead March 30, 2022, the 89th day of the year.

He is reportedly dead from a tumor.
89, 24th prime
Tumor = 24

A 33-year-old ‘pop star’ with the surname ‘Parker’ is dead on March 30? 3+30=33.

He was diagnosed with cancer in ‘October’ of 2020, the lone 33 month.

Altogether, this ritual is as bad as David Cameron packing up his office at 10 Downing Street with 330 boxes after “Brexit.”

Read more about David Cameron by the numbers here.

And don’t forget that England has the ’33’ connection either.

So does ‘Tom.’

And don’t forget the only two ladies to be PM in the U.K. have the initials M.T. and T.M.
MT = 13+20 = 33
TM = 20+13 = 33

Read about Boris Johnson replacing Theresa May 158-weeks after she took office.
Boris Johnson = 158
Freemasonry = 158
Jesuits created 15/8

And notice, Tom Parker is dead 34-weeks after his birthday.
Murder = 34

Masonry = 84 / 33 *Born on 8/4 or 4/8 *Freemason = 48 *Masonry = 33

It ties in with the whole ‘Masonry / Freemasonry’ angle.

Again, it is the Society of Jesus behind these rituals.
Jesus = 34
Cross = 34

And modern Freemasonry is a Jesuit creation…

As for his band name, The Wanted, it fits with ‘cancer.’

Oddly enough, on December 7, 2021, 113-days before his death, he posted that his tumor was under control.

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  1. Margaret on March 31, 2022 at 11:54 am

    As someone with a brain tumour, this hit me hard. But once I saw “dead at 33” I knew it wasn’t right. Not to mention the fact that his battle with cancer was HIGHLY publicised here in the UK which struck me as odd as he was, quite frankly, a forgettable member of a forgettable band.

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