The Zug massacre, September 27, 2001, a clear Jesuit & Knights Templar ritual, synced with Pope John Paul II

Catholic Church History Jesuit Knights Templar Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers New World Order

First of all, this shooting happened on September 27, the day the Jesuits were recognized by Rome in history, September 27, 1540. With that in mind, notice how ‘Zug’ fits in.

Terrorism = 54

Keep in mind this happened in Switzerland, a stronghold of the Knights Templar, and the Jesuit logo has the Templar cross in the middle.

And don’t overlook that the Jesuit logo is the sun.

And don’t forget the Jesuits and Catholic Church serve the Catholic Church, that made the day of worship for ‘Christianity’, SUNday.

And notice how ‘Switzerland’ fits in.

And also how ‘Zug massacre’ fits in.

Furthermore, the shooter in the Zug massacre was Friedrich Heinz Leibacher, who was born July 21, 1944, the anniversary of the banning of the Jesuits by the Pope, July 21, 1773.

Notice how his name overlaps with ‘Knights Templar’.

Pope = 25 (Who the Knights Templar serve)

And in light of these interests serving Rome, it is no accident that this happened on a date with 57 numerology, and Leibacher supposedly committed suicide that day, dying at age 57.

9/27/2001 = 9+27+20+01 = 57

The shooting was on his 69th day of his age, and 132 days after Pope John Paul II’s birthday on May 18, 2001.

10:32 AM was when the shooting started…. 10:32… 132…

Keep in mind the shooting location was known as the Canton’s Parliament.

You could also say the incident was 68 days after the shooter’s birthday.

Club of Rome established in ’68

And for the clincher, you could also say it happened on the Pope’s 133rd day of his age, and 43 weeks after the Superior General’s birthday.

Society of Jesus = 191 (43rd prime) *Jesus Christ = 43

And again, the Pope’s birthday was May 18th.

Chaos = 19 (19 weeks)
Government = 133

ALSO, if you read the articles about the shooter, they needlessly mention that he had several failed relationships with women from the Dominican Republic. It is similar to the excess reporting of Adam Lanza weighing 112 pounds. Anyhow, notice the 102 encoding.

Again, the Jesuits translated Art of War.

And in the aftermath, a greater surveillance state was born, just like after 9/11, which came only days before this incident.

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