Thom Hartmann’s mods put me in timeout for my first comment while advertising that they are big proponents of free speech, June 7, 2022

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The topic of Thom Hartmann’s June 7, 2022 show was “Republican fascism” and “outlawing assault rifles.” I tried to call in and was told by the screener that they would take my call, but after sitting on hold for over an hour the show ended without my call ever being received. And what I told the screener I would like to talk about is the necessity for assault rifles, and in relation to what is taking place in Ukraine where the government had to arm their people.

And notice, while I was waiting, I left this comment which got me banned instantly. Keep in mind this same show repeats the phrase over and over, “we stand for free speech.”

Also, if you listen to the show, you’ll hear my mom call at the beginning. She gets cut off in record time, and the host Hartmann goes on to say she is “believing the lies.” The irony.

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