Thunderstorm and monsoon knocks out part of power grid in Las Vegas, July 27, 2022

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Thunderstorm = 58 / 68 / 149 / 175

Power outages in Sin City, just 8 days after the Hoover Dam explosion?

And this comes after tremendous weather? On a 56 date numerology?
7/27/22 = 7+27+22 = 56
Power Outage = 56
Natural Disaster = 56

There were substantial downpours.

And recall the Public Enemy album What U Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down? that came out 56-days after Chuck D’s birthday, September 25, 2020, the 59-year anniversary of JFK giving his speech about weather control.

This weather happened on 27/7, or 277, the 59th prime.

And remember, the Public Enemy album cover about the grid shows Arizona on the cover, a state that borders Nevada.

It was the day Pope Francis met Justin Trudeau, July 27.
277, 59th prime (like 27/7)
Pope Francis = 59
John F. Kennedy = 59
Green New Deal = 59 (Soylent Green set in 2022)
-Biden won 59th Presidential Election
–JFK dead at 46
–Biden #46
–Election 46-week after Pope’s birthday (Dec. 17, 2019 – Nov. 3, 2020)
–Catholic = 46 (Catholic OT, 46 books)

As for this happening in Las Vegas, or Sin City, remember, it is all biblical.
Revelation = 59

And for you Vegas types, ’59’ crushed in baseball on 27/7, as we already knew. Take a look yourself.

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