Tom Brady gets the Bucs to 6-6 with 6 yard TD pass 666 days after Super Bowl 55, Dec. 5, 2022

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Brady had his 44th fourth quarter comeback over the ‘Saints.’
Saints = 44

And notice all the mention of “13” for the final game of NFL Week 13.
NFL = 13

Just before Brady “earned” his 44th comeback win in the 4th, they went to commercial break and paid tribute to the ‘GOAT,’ Brady, with a picture of a goat representing him. Keep in mind he was still on 43 total wins, tied with Peyton Manning, who finished his career in Colorado, whereas Brady will likely finish in Florida, the state he went to at age 43.
Florida = 43
Colorado = 43
Football = 43
GOAT = 43

Recall the Yale Goatville killings just before he won Super Bowl 55, the ‘Satan’ Bowl.
Yale = 43

Of course, the Baphomet is the symbol for the Church of Satan, and fittingly, this latest GOAT tribute came 666 days after he won Super Bowl 55.
Satan = 55 / 35
Baphomet = 35
Tom Brady = 35

Numerology = 55 / 125
-Latest ritual on 12/5

And in this latest ritual, Brady and the Bucs improved to 6-6, on a 6 yard TD pass to conclude the game.

Revelation 13 is about the beast.

This ritual closed out NFL Week 13.
13, 6th prime (6-6, with 6 yard TD pass…)

Read about about Super Bowl 55, the Weeknd and Satan (Saturn) here.

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