Tornado devastates New Orleans, March 22, 2022, just before hosting March Madness college basketball tournament (Cyclones & Hurricanes)

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New Orleans is impacted by a tornado days before hosting the Final Four for the 83rd men’s college basketball tournament which will begin on April 2 and finish on April 4, 2022.
New Orleans, Louisiana = 83
Brotherhood of Death = 83
-Nickname for 322 Skull and Bones

Funny enough two teams in the tournament that still remain and have exceeded expectations will play each other on March 25, three days after the tornado. They are the Iowa State CYCLONES and the Miami HURRICANES.

They play in Chicago (See Led Zeppelin’s ‘When the Levee Breaks’)
Brotherhood of Death = 97 *Iowa State Cyclones = 97 (25th prime)

Notice this came 187-days after the Governor’s birthday

Brotherhood of Death = 187 / 97 / 83
-New Orleans, Louisiana = 83
-Iowa State Cyclones = 97
Society of Jesus = 187 / 56
-He is 56th Governor
-Natural Disaster = 56
-Hurricane = 56
-This after Super Bowl 56…
-Saints after Katrina…
Unconquered Sun = 187
Holy Roman Empire = 187

And like after Hurricane Katrina, it is the Lower 9th Ward that was impacted by the tornado.

They had to interview a 42-year-old in NOLA…
NOLA = 42


  1. Dee on March 23, 2022 at 8:33 am

    This tornado took almost the same track as the one in 2017. From 2/7/17 to 3/22/22 is 5 years 11 months 5 days.

    • Dee on March 23, 2022 at 8:36 am

      5 years 1 month 15 days. To be correct.

  2. 357986 on March 23, 2022 at 11:37 am

    NBC has their finger on the pulse of weather modification and occult communication. The tornado picture is credited to Brian Emfinger.

    Em stands for electromagnetic, read ‘electromagnetic finger’. Copied from “Project Woodpecker pertains to the Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating Method which is designed to “alter the earth’s magnetic field …in order to modify weather, create or trigger earthquakes and volcanoes, spread viruses, create the phenomenom known as electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and, to modify behavior control among the populous.”

  3. GregRamsey74 on March 23, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    Lower 9th Ward impacted? New Orleans finished the season with 9-wins.
    Saints won with 9-points, 93-days before this tornado.
    “New Orleans Tornado” = 93 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    Saints finished 9-8

    “Tornado Hits New Orleans” = 98 (Full Reduction)
    “New Orleans Saints” = 98 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    This came a span of 163-days from the anniversary of the end of Katrina.
    163 is the 38th prime number

    “Katrina” = 38 (Full Reduction KV)
    “Death” = 38 (English Ordinal)(Saints kicked off the season winning with 38-points, 191-days before this)
    “Society of Jesus” = 191 (English Ordinal)

    This tornado in New Orleans also came 29-weeks after Katrina’s anniversary.

    “Katrina” = 29 (Full Reduction)

  4. boyd504 on March 23, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    Hey Zac, nice article about the Cyclone. We barely escaped it last night. We live not to far from the path it took. Its no coincidence we are talking about the Cyclones. They are my dark horse in the tourney. The last time Iowa State made it to the Final Four was 1944. The coach is 44 yrs old. I like that his name TJ has that 24. The Cyclones are on 22 wins and the tornado came on the 22nd. So Scripted! I think they win two more games with an upset over Kansas. Thanks for all the notes they helped me solidify my picks. I got Duke, UCLA, Arizona, and Iowa State in the Final Four. I think Coach K gets his 13th appearance, breaking John Wooden’s record, but falling short to UCLA. Arizona knocks off Iowa State. I got Arizona defeating UCLA in NOLA!!

  5. boyd504 on March 23, 2022 at 9:56 pm

    Oh yeah and Arizona Cardinals open the 2022 season hosting the New Orleans Saints at State Farm. Maybe State Farm can help out with some of the Damage Claims in NOLA

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