Treat Williams, actor, dead at 71, on George Herbert Walker Bush’s birthday anniversary

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Treat Williams, who starred in the comedy 1941, died on June 12, 2023, #41’s birthday, George Herbert Walker Bush. Of course H.W. was a member of Skull and Bones.
Skull and Bones = 41 & 202 (June 12 leaves 202 days in the year)

Skull and Bones is known as the ‘Brotherhood of Death.’
Brotherhood of Death = 97
Richard Treat Williams = 97

*Death = 97

It goes with him dying on the 163rd day of the year.
163, 38th prime (Death = 38)

Skull and Bones logo is also the Skull and Crossbones.
Richard Treat Williams = 223
Skull and Crossbones = 223
-They identify as Order 322

He died at age 71 in East Dorset, Vermont.
East Dorset, Vermont = 71
Catholic = 71

Skull and Bones relates to the Illuminati and the Knights Templar, both Catholic in origin.

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