Trump and Kyle Rittenhouse visit in Mar-A-Lago, November 23, 2021 news

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You have to love the 11:47 post time. It reminds us that is when Trump began his speech, 11:47 AM, at the World Economic Forum, the day coronavirus was confirmed in America, while Trump was there in Switzerland to gloat about his trade deal with China.
Trump = 47
President = 47
Government = 47
-And you know the rest of the list

As you read the article, ask yourself, how would Kyle Rittenhouse get Trump’s phone number? Remember, this is all part of the Jesuit theater, and Trump and Rittenhouse are of its actors.
Kyle Rittenhouse = 72
President Trump = 72

IHS = 18 / 18

Mar-a-Lago = 68
Donald John Trump = 68

CIA = 68

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