Trump announces federal officers to Chicago, July 22nd, 2020 | The Federal Police State

Federal Government News Police State

Notice the emphasis on ‘Law and Order’.

Read about federal police cracking down on Portland protesters on the 52nd night of George Floyd protests:

Read about the new ‘I can’t breathe’ body cam footage a span of 52 days from the killing: and here:

This news comes July 22, 2020 on Trump’s 39th day of his age, 74, having a June 14, 1946 birthday.

*Federal = 33 / 39 *Masonry = 33 / 39

Today, July 22, 2020 has 69 date numerology.

7/22/2020 = 7+22+20+20 = 69

Like I’ve been saying this whole time (2001-), every media agenda is to build the police / surveillance state. Need more proof?

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