Trump gives rally in the Bronx, May 23, 2024

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This ritual in New York comes a span of 167 days to the election.
167, 39th prime
New York=39

The market fell to 39,000 today.

It is is down 1.53% on the 144th day o the year *Jesuit Order=153 & 144

The park he is speaking in, Crotona Park, is 127 acres, and today is typically the 143rd day of the year.
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=127 & 143

The Park is even on Charlotte Street. *Charlotte=39

The banks are HQ’d in New York, the second wealthiest city in the US, only behind New York.

Also noteworthy, the Yankees got their 35th win today, on 35 Thursday. *Thursday=35

Trump was reportedly expecting 3,500…

Today is 152 days before the start of the World Series, October 22, or a span of 153.
Jesuit Order=153 & 144 (it is the 144th day of the year)

Today is also 56 days after the Yankees season began.
Society of Jesus=191, 187 & 56
New York Yankees=191 & 187

Last, it’s 5/23. *Donald Trump=523

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