Trump lashes out in briefing but says he’s not mad at Dr. Anthony Fauci | A very Catholic / Jesuit ritual, April 13, 2020

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This perceived feud between Trump and Fauci came on Fauci’s 112th day of his age.  Notice he is born on Christmas Eve.

It matters that it came on his 112th day of his age, because the Jesuits, who operate in Washington D.C., operate in 112 countries, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is Catholic, and very likely a Jesuit.

Don’t forget the overlap with Fauci, Washington D.C. and Society of Jesus.

From Trump’s birthday to this ritual was his 305th day of his age.  It reminds of JFK beating Richard Nixon for President, November 8, 1960, on Nixon’s 305th day of his age, making JFK the 35th President, and the first Catholic President.

Do not forget that Washington D.C. was the Catholic Colony before it was Washington D.C. Virginia… Maryland… Virgin Mary…

*This story came on Pope Francis’ 119th day of his age.

*Francis = 119 *Vatican = 119