Big Tech Censorship Government

Trump’s actions are provoked by what happened Tuesday, May 26, 2020, when Twitter deemed Trump’s content questionable.  That date has 71 numerology.

5/26/2020 = 5+26+20+20 = 71

Don’t forget the 47 connection with ‘Trump’ and ‘Twitter’.

Again, this happened on the 26th, and this act is known as “the 26 words that created the internet”.

Thus, it is clearly a numerical ritual.

For further proof, it came 189-days after Jack Dorsey’s birthday.

*Freemasonic = 189

*Cornerstone for D.C. laid 18/9 in the year 1793 (September 18, 1793)

18/9/1793 = 18+9+(1+7+9+3) = 47

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