Tucker Carlson out at Fox & Don Lemon out at CNN, Monday, April 24, 2023 (the news becomes the news, again)

Celebrity Corporate Jesuit News

Once again, the news is the news.

Notice, Don Lemon is out at CNN, and Tucker Carlson is out at Fox, on the same day, April 24, the day leaving 251 days in the year. Of course, 251 is the 54th prime, and in the case of Don Lemon, today is 54 days after his birthday. *Jesuit Order = 54

Furthermore, today has 51 date numerology.
4/24/23 = 4+24+23 = 51
News Anchor = 51

As we know, Tucker Carlson spent a lot of time making fun of Don Lemon, as well as the rest of CNN. And as we also know, the same divide and conquer gang controls both networks, the Jesus Order.


Carlson’s last show was April 21, 2023.
4/21/23 = 4+21+23 = 48
Dominion = 48 & 42
*Jesuit = 42

No doubt, they’ll both be back.


  1. 216144 on April 24, 2023 at 8:41 pm

    Tucker was born in the Year of The Rooster. The Rooster is the opposing sign to the Rabbit on the Zodiac.

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