Tyler Herro helps Heat beat Lakers in Game 3 of NBA Finals in perfect Jesuit Order ritual, Sunday, October 4, 2020

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Tyler Herro scored the first points of the game for Miami, and that was the sign the Lakers were falling to 14-4 in the Playoffs. Recall, Herro just had his breakout game in the 144th game all-time between the Celtics and Heat.

You might recall he scored 37 points in that game, well today was his 37th week of his age.

Los Angeles = 37 *Bryant = 37

You could also say it was 258 days after his birthday.

Kobe Bean Bryant = 54 / 81; Mark of the Beast = 54 / 81

Recall what Kobe did in his 666th career game.

And keep in mind last Sunday the Heat advanced to the NBA Finals 191 days after Pat Riley’s birthday, in the massive Jesuit ritual.

Society of Jesus

Now today the Lakers lose with 104 points on 10/4.

Roman Catholic Church = 104

Keep in mind Pat Riley is from Rome, New York, and September 27, the day they advanced, was the day the Jesuits were recognized by Rome in history.

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  1. GregRamsey74 on October 5, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    “Eighty One Points” = 201 (English Ordinal)
    “Kobe Scores Eighty-one Points In His 666th Game” = 201 (Full Reduction)
    “The Jesuit Order” = 201 (Reverse Ordinal)

    “Kobe Scores 81-Points In His 666th Game” = 177 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    “The Jesuit Order” = 177 (English Ordinal)

    “Six Hundred Sixty Sixth Game” = 351 (KFW Kabbalah) – 351 is the 26th triangular number matching the 26th of January, the date of Kobe’s death.

    “Kobe Scores Eighty One Points In His Six Hundred Sixty Sixth Game” = 701 (English Ordinal) – 701 is the 126th prime, connecting to Jan. 26, or 1/26.

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