U.S. shoots down Chinese spy balloon, Saturday, February 4, 2023, in predictable ritual

Military New World Order Psychological Operation War World War

The “Chinese spy balloon” was shot down on Saturday, February 4, 2023, the 35th day of the year.
China = 3+8+9+14+1 = 35

And notice, several stories show the shooting down of the balloon from the vantage point of Kingstown, North Carolina, a city on the 35th Parallel North.

Furthermore, the date it occurred, February 4, can be written 4/2, like 42. And China perceived it as an act of war, and worthy of potential retaliation.
February = 42
World War = 42
War = 42

Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

The balloon was also shot down on Biden’s 77th day of his age.


As for this happening on a Saturday, it is the day that has the military connection.
Saturday = 109 / 107
Military = 109 / 107

And it also came 131 days before Xi Jinping’s upcoming birthday.
Spy Balloon = 131

And remember, it began above Montana, the 41st state.

131, 32nd prime number
America = 32
7/4/1776 = 32

Also noteworthy, from our trade deal with China to this ritual was 1117 days, reminding that the first case of the “China virus,” Covid-19, was November 17, 2019.
1117, 187th prime number
Society of Jesus = 187

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