Underground electrical fire at D.O.C., 119 Washington St., at 11 PM, on the eve of November 9, the 56 year anniversary of the northeast blackout

Energy Government Jesuit Predictive Programming Psychological Operation

38 adults were evacuated? An electrical fire? This news on power outage anniversary day, November 9? The fire at 119 Washington Street???
Fire = 38
Energy = 38

This is in the northeast, just like how November 9, 1965, there was a massive power outage in the northeast. Again, that was 56 years ago, and today leaves 52 days in the year.
Power Outage = 52 / 56

And notice this happened at 11 PM, on the eve of November 9, kind of like how Comcast had their outage today from 9-11 AM.

For one more, Hartford is on the 72nd Meridian East.
Jesuit Order = 72

And for another, the Department of Corrections is a government building, so yet again, we have a 9/11, or 11/9, and an inside job, involving fires and criminals.

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