US billionaires are $565-billion richer because of coronavirus pandemic, June 4, 2020 news

Big Tech Coronavirus News

Billionaires are $565-billion richer due to coronavirus… and notice who is front and center, Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, the company shipping all the products while the mom and pop stores are closed.

Jeff Bezos turned 56-years-old January 12, 2020

Remember, the first case was confirmed in Seattle, where Amazon, Bill Gates, and big tech are headquartered in the United States.  Notice how ‘billionaires’ sums to 82, the same as ‘Seattle’ and ‘Covid-19’.

It’s funny they chose the date March 18, a date 7-days after the pandemic was declared, March 11.  That was the 78th day of 2020, and today is 78-days later.

This news come 144-days after Jeff Bezos 56th birthday.

It is also his 145th day of his age.

Can you say Jesuit Order?  How about Catholic Church?

And I was waiting for this headline. I said this would be the case in March.

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