USA Today Sports article on Kobe Bryant’s after death shoe, released November 1, 2016

Corporate Death Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming Secret Societies Sports

Keep in mind this article was written on Kobe’s 71st day of his age.
Catholic = 71

Recall, he died traveling from Catholic Mass, at age 41, on the Pope’s first 41st day of his age.
Kobe Bryant = 41
Crucify = 41

Notice that the USA Today wrote this piece on November 1, 2016. That was 202 days after his last career NBA game, April 13, 2016.
Skull and Bones = 202

Also notice the 7:40 post time, going with Kobe Bryant being killed in the 74th NBA season.

He would be reported death, January 26, 2020, 38 months and 25 days later.
Death = 38 & 25
Finals = 38 & 25 (The Lakers won the Finals that year)

Also, don’t overlook the line about “fades away to blackness.”

Remember, the Black Mamba jersey was debuted by the Lakers, January 26, 2018, two years to teh day of the Black Mamba’s death.

You could also say Kobe Bryant died 1181 days after this article was written.
1181, 194th prime
April 19 (19/4), big Jesuit date in history
194 big in OKC bombing of 19/4/1995

I bring that up because Kobe’s new shoe, the Kobe 4 (four, number of death) was announced on April 19, or 19/4, and announced for released on the Illuminati establishment anniversary, May 1.

They officially released on the JFK assassination anniversary, a man killed at age 46, as LeBron went on that year to become 4-6 in the NBA Finals, and the Catholic, Joe Biden, became #46, exactly 46-weeks after the Pope’s birthday, after losing his son at age 46. *Catholic = 46


  1. GregRamsey74 on April 29, 2023 at 5:05 pm

    This article was published 15-days before the Chamberlain Heights episode, “End of Days.”
    “Fifteen” = 38(Death)(Murder)

    “Kobe’s A.D. Shoe” = 41
    “Kobe4 Shoe” = 41

    “Kobe’s A.D. Shoes” = 201

    “Kobe’s A.D. Shoes” = 123
    “Conspiracy” = 123

    The article came out a span of 109-days from Michael Jordan’s 57th birthday.
    “Kobe’s After Death Shoes” = 109
    “Helicopter” = 57

  2. wrb on April 30, 2023 at 8:40 pm

    May 1st is the 4th anniversary of the 126th Emperor of Japan’s accension to the throne.

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