Uvalde leaked school shooting footage is 82-minutes long

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The footage of the 19 police standing down while 19 children are killed is in the ‘hallway.’ It goes with the footage being 82-minutes long.
Hallway = 82

As we know, this was a big Jesuit ritual.
Loyola = 82

The word ‘elementary school’ also fits in.
Elementary School = 82

The other place where they numbers come together, 82 and 19, is as follows.
Covid = 82 / 19
Seattle = 82 / 19 (Where the Covid-19 pandemic jumped off)



  1. Richard on July 16, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    Reminds of the shooting in Oxford on November 30, 2021, a date with 82-numerology.
    11/30/2021 = 11+30+20+21 = 82
    Oxford = 82

    Something I noticed was from the Oxford shooting to the news of the Uvalde video being leaked July 13, 2022 was a span of 226-days later, a number we have been documenting recently. I’m not too sure where that fits in but 226 is the 150 in base-8 counting, reminds of how the Uvalde shooting came 201-days after Matthew McConaughey’s birthday, and days later was him at the White House showing the ‘green Converse’, 150-days to his upcoming birthday.
    Green Converse = 150 / 201
    Illuminati = 150
    *Order of Illuminati = 201
    The Jesuit Order = 201

  2. GregRamsey74 on July 16, 2022 at 8:30 pm

    “Uvalde Shooting” = 82 (Full Reduction KV)
    “Eighty Two Minutes” = 82 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    “Nineteen” = 82 (Jewish Ordinal)
    -The Dallas Cowboys play their first game against Tampa Bay at 8:20 PM on 9/11,
    -“Dallas” = 19 (Jewish Reduction)
    -“Tampa Bay” = 19 (Jewish Reduction)

    The Houston Texans play host to Indianapolis on 9/11 as well.

    “Indianapolis” = 201 (Reverse Ordinal)
    “Indianapolis Colts” = 192 (English Ordinal)
    -19-children, 2-teachers killed at Robb

    Elon Musk tweeted 28-words about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, 82-days before the Robb Elementary School shooting.

    Important warning: Starlink is the only non-Russian communications system still working in some parts of Ukraine, so probability of being targeted is high. Please use with caution.

    “Elon” = 19 (Full Reduction)

    “Ukraine” = 34 (Full Reduction)
    “Uvalde” = 34 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    This tweet came on the 62nd day of the year.

    “Elon” = 62 (Reverse Ordinal)
    “Robb” = 26 (Reverse Full Reduction)

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