Uvalde police chief abruptly announces resignation, March 12, 2024

Catholic Church Education Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting Police State

This news comes on the 72nd day of the year, March 12, 2024.

It is a reminder the shooting happened on the 144th day of the year, May 24, 2022.
Jesuit Order=144 & 72

It goes with JFK meeting with the Pope on July 2, 1963, a span of 144 days from his assassination in Texas. And it goes with President Biden showing up in Texas on May 29, after the shooting, to talk about it, on JFK’s birthday anniversary.

Keep in mind today is the 87th day of the Pope being 87-years-old. *Daniel Rodriguez=87

His resignation is effective April 6, the 97th day of the leap year. *Uvalde=97

The date can be written 6/4, like 64. *Uvalde, Texas=64

Today is also exactly 94 weeks after the shooting. *Roman Catholic Church=94 *Terror=94


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