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Kamala Harris has received the vaccine on December 29, or 12/29.

1229, 201st prime *Event 201 coronavirus outbreak simulation

Today is 70 days after her 56th birthday. *Coronavirus = 56 / 70

Adding insult to injury, she received the Moderna vacccine.

Recall the death of James Kamala Harris at age 70, two days before Kamala was named at Joe Biden’s VP nominee: https://gematriaeffect.news/cnn-ranks-kamala-harris-as-most-likely-vp-choice-for-biden-alongside-the-story-of-the-death-of-james-kamala-harris-of-the-wwe-august-10-2020/

And don’t forget Kamala’s birthday fell on a 70 date numerology.

10/20/2020 = 10+20+20+20 = 70


And notice how UMC fits in with ‘Harris’.

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