Black Lives Matter Police State Racism

Seattle is the focus of the protests that transpired on July 25th. Keep in mind that date can be written 25/7, like 257, the 55th prime.

Minneapolis = 55 *Boule = 55 *Sigma Pi Phi = 55

July 25th was a span of. 62 days from Floyd’s reported killed, and today, July 26, is 62 days later.

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  1. Keenan on July 26, 2020 at 9:43 am

    John Lewis’ memorial was scheduled for 25/7. 257 is the 55th prime number. On the Hebrew Calendar, 7/25 left 55 days in the year.
    His casket crossed Selma Bridge, 55 years after he and other civil rights marchers were beaten on Bloody Sunday.

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