Von Miller, Super Bowl 50 MVP, becomes second NFL player to test positive for coronavirus, April 16, 2020

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Notice #55 is shown in the right image

Von Miller is the second NFL player to test positive for coronavirus.

*TWO = 20+23+15 = 58 (He wears #58)

Keep in mind he was the MVP of Super Bowl 50, which we predicted correctly, along with everything else about that game, in October of that season, months before the Super Bowl.  If you recall, that same Super Bowl was a massive “55” ritual, with the Broncos and Elway being 55-years-old, and reminding that Elway had once been stomped 55-10 in Super Bowl 24 by the 49ers, who hosted Super Bowl 50, where the Broncos won with 24 points over the Panthers.  This matters because the first player to come down with coronavirus was #55, Brian Allen, and the upcoming NFL season will conclude with Super Bowl 55.

Also important to note, is that while the Broncos were 55-years-old and change, it was their 56th season when they won Super Bowl 50, and when Von Miller was named MVP.


Notice Von Miller’s full name sums to 222, like ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’.

Von B’Vsean Miller.

*Miller = 33 / 93 *Corona = 33 *Wuhan Coronavirus = 93

His birthday is March 26, the same day in history the polio vaccine was finished, in 1953.

The news of him coming down with the Wuhan was on his 22nd day of his age.