W. Galen Weston, billionaire and ‘retail visionary,’ is dead at 80, April 13, 2021 news

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Notice the emphasis on W. Galen Weston being a ‘retail visionary’. It ties in with him being dead at age 80.

Satan = 80 *Baphomet = 80

Read about the Bavarian Illuminati riddle with the death of Bernie Madoff, also in the news today.

And keep in mind this news broke on the 13th

13 Layers of Bricks on the Dollar Bill’s Pyramid
13 Colonies to start the U.S.
13 Stripes on the U.S. Flag
13 Years of Slave School (K-12) in the U.S.

Or you can take it from this “Trueman,” no doubt.


This man died on his 166th day of his age, connecting to his name gematria.

The Jesuits were created on August 15, 1534, or 15/8.

This is April 14 news for most of the world. 14/4 *Jesuit Order = 144

That said it was first announced on the 13th, and the Bavarian Illuminati began with 13 families…

Also, notice how their stores Selfridges and Primark fit in.

April 14, 104th day of the yaer
His name equates to 50 / 58 / 166, same as Selfridges.

The news of his death was saved for April 13, the 103rd day of the year.

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