Wal-Mart, the Pope & Pence vs. Trump make top headlines, July 25, 2022

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This news comes on the 25th, and notice all the top headlines. The Pope, Pence vs. Trump, and Wal-Mart. How fitting. #Gematria

Don’t forget how we called Georgia over Alabama on the Pope’s 25th day of his age in the championship game before Week 2 of the season was even played. Of course Georgia picked up their 25th win over Alabama in that same game.
Devil = 25
-Devil Went Down to Georgia
-Georgia Guidestones fell down on anniversary of that singer’s death



  1. aaron00022 on July 26, 2022 at 1:52 am

    Fight the REAL Enemy! Bob:Marley’s ‘War’ performed by Sinéad o’Connor!

    On 3 October 1992, O’Connor appeared on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest.[58] She sang an a cappella version of Bob Marley’s “War”, which she intended as a protest against sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church, referring to child abuse rather than racism.[59] She then presented a photo of Pope John Paul II to the camera while singing the word “evil”, after which she tore the photo into pieces, said “Fight the real enemy”, and threw the pieces towards the camera.[60] The incident occurred nine years before John Paul II acknowledged the sexual abuse within the Church.[61]

    Saturday Night Live had no foreknowledge of O’Connor’s plan; during the dress rehearsal, she held up a photo of a refugee child. NBC Vice-president of Late Night Rick Ludwin recalled that when he saw O’Connor’s action, he “literally jumped out of [his] chair”. SNL writer Paula Pell recalled personnel in the control booth discussing the cameras cutting away.[62] The audience was completely silent, with no booing or applause;[63] executive producer Lorne Michaels recalled that “the air went out the studio”. He ordered that the applause sign not be used.[62]

    A nationwide audience saw O’Connor’s live performance, which the New York Daily News’s cover called a “Holy Terror”.[62] NBC received more than 500 calls on Sunday[64] and 400 more on Monday, with all but seven criticising O’Connor;[63] the network received 4,400 calls in total.[65] Contrary to rumour, NBC was not fined by the Federal Communications Commission for O’Connor’s act, as the FCC has no regulatory power over such behaviour.[65] NBC did not edit the performance out of the West coast tape-delayed broadcast that night.[66] As of 2016, NBC broadcasts reruns of the episode using footage from the dress rehearsal.[65]

    During his opening monologue the following week, Catholic-raised host Joe Pesci held up the photo, explaining that he had taped it back together, to huge applause. Pesci also said that if it had been his show, “I would have gave her such a smack”.[67]

    In a 2002 interview with Salon, when asked if she would change anything about the SNL appearance, O’Connor replied, “Hell, no!”[68] In her 2021 book Rememberings, O’Connor said of the incident: “Everyone wants a pop star, see? But I am a protest singer. I just had stuff to get off my chest. I had no desire for fame.”[69]

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