Waukesha, Wisconsin parade tragedy, Sunday, November 21, 2021

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After the huge Jesuit ritual that was the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, tragedy strikes Wisconsin. And notice, the Mayor of Waukesha, Wisconsin resides at the address 201 Delafield Street.
The Jesuit Order = 201

His name also fits.
Shawn Reilly = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Recall, the Rittenhouse shooting was on the corner of 56th, and 56th St. was burned during the BLM protest.
Black Lives Matter = 56

In this case, they’re blaming the killing on a ‘black’ rapper from the area, and this “Christmas parade” tragedy comes 34 days before Christmas.
Black = 34
Murder = 34
Rapper = 34
Jesus = 34

Waukesha is just outside of Milwaukee, the city that is home to Marquette, the Jesuit University.

This news comes on a Sunday, the most Jesuit day of the week.
Sunday = 21 / 78 / 84
Jesuit = 21 / 78 / 84
-21st of month

This news also comes on a date with 73 numerology, the 21st prime.
11/21/2021 = 11+21+20+21 = 73
Ritual Sacrifice = 73
Sacrifice = 73

With regards to the Jesuits, Waukesha is where the first “forward pass” was ever thrown in football history, and notice, it was Carroll College vs. the Jesuit, St. Louis University.

Brad… Brady? Nike? ‘56? *Nike = 22 *Jesuit = 21

Think about how Tom Brady got his 201st career win vs. the Rams (when they were in St. Louis), and more recently, in Super Bowl 55, he won the game, beating the other team from Missouri, with 201 passing yards, before meeting Jesuit Joe Biden on the 201st day of the year to be congratulated for Super Bowl 55.
Tom Brady’s wife is born on the 201st day of the year

Also, Ron Johnson, a Senator of Wisconsin, was kind enough to tweet at 56 minutes past the hour.


Scott Lawrence Fitzgerald = 266
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

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