Wayne Sims, dead at 54, 54 months after his son’s murder, and LSU women win NCAA basketball championship, April 12, 2023

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The women’s team won the NCAA tournament with 102 points on April 2. Now, 10 days later, on the 102nd day of the year, Wayne Sims is dead.
Slavery = 102 & 42
Nigger = 102 & 42
Slave = 59
4/12/2023 = 4+12+20+23 = 59

Today is the anniversary of the start of the US Civil War.

His age of death also reminds that LSU won the football championship on January 13, 2020, a date with 54 numerology, that special number to the Jesuit Order.
Jesuit Order = 54
Sun = 54 (Think about the son and the sun, and the history of Catholicism and English)
Jesus, the son of God
The sun, the object in the sky the Church worships

Notice in the writeup, the mention of his game against Jesuit Georgetown, and his 144 assists.
Jesuit Order = 144

His son’s death was 54 months earlier, September 28, 2018, the day after the Jesuit recognition anniversary, September 27.

1657, the 260th prime


It goes with his father and the son wearing #44. *Shooting = 44 *Execution = 44 *Kill = 44

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