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Read about the 225 ritual with the killing of George Floyd:

As a reminder, George Floyd was killed on his 225th day of his age, and one day after, the Catholic Church of Minnesota paid $22.5-million to the families of the little boys it had raped. Also, three days before his killing, on May 22, or 22/5, Steve Mnuchin, the Skull and Bones Jew, announced the Federal Reserve would not reveal the $20 Harriet Tubman bill. Of course, George Floyd had the “counterfeit $20.”

So what could 225 means? Could it be the Trinitarian Formula? That relates to the Church…

Notice the title Trinitarian Formula sums to 93, the same as ‘Minneapolis, Minnesota’, the city on the 93rd Meridian West.

The Great Tribulation is another biblical concept that could fit in.

The Great Tribulation lasts 7 years… then the Messiah returns.

Short video on The Great Tribulation, that relates to the Mark of the Beast:

Events that take place during the time of the Great Tribulation

In light of the Great Tribulation connecting to Jesus, recall, he has the strong 93 connection as well.

Understand, what is being encoded, is not the work of God, but the work of the cabal, who used the scripture, as the script. They are the New World Order.

Read about how Acts 7:6-7 relates:

And keep in mind, Acts is the 44th book of the Bible, since Minneapolis is on the 44th Parallel North.

*African-American = 44 *Prophet = 44

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