When Bruce Jenner came out as a transgender, April 24, 2015 & his TV show I Am Cait | Cleary Jesuit

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Bruce Jenner = 65 (His last year of being “Bruce”)


April 24, 2015 was the date Bruce Jenner came out as transgender, before changing his name to Caitlyn Jenner. *Jenner / Gender…

That was 187 days before his 66th birthday. *Society of Jesus = 187

In light of the Jesuit connection, notice the the name Caitlyn Jenner fits in.


And notice how ‘Caitlyn’ equates to 84.

And notice at the top, the emphasis on ‘I Am A Woman’, equating to 153, the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

I Am A Woman = 153 / 53 *Jesuit Order = 153 / 54

The name change to Caitlyn happened September 26, the day leaving 96 days in the year, and a span of 33 days to his 66th birthday.


Thirty-Three = 66 *Woman = 66
Cait = 33 (I Am Cait)

And for more Jesuit fingerprints, look no further than the TV show, I Am Cait. The title equates to 56…


And notice the show ended on the one year anniversary of Bruce coming out as transgender.

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