White House says it is not seeking wider conflict after sinking three Houthi vessels, December 31, 2023 news

Death Military Murder by Numbers News War

This is the news December 31, 2023, 84 days after Israel declared war on Hamas.
United States of America=84, Zionism=84, Jesuit=84, Masonry=84


This news comes 73 days after the Houthi involvement in the Israel-Hamas war began, or on the 74th day of their involvement. The Houthi movement comes from Yemen.
Sacrifice=73, Ritual Sacrifice=73 *Yemen=73
Jewish=74, Occult=74, Masonic=74, Killing=74

As we know, 74 has had a lot to do with the killing in Gaza and elsewhere throughout history.

As we also know, Israel bombed Gaza for its 73rd birthday. *Gaza=73

Yemen=19, Navy=19, Chaos=19 (Their involvement began on the 19th)
-October 19 leaves 73 days in the year

This news also comes December 31, 2023, a date with 86 numerology.
Blood Sacrifice=86, Human Sacrifice=86

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