WHO pauses hydroxychloroquine study due to safety concerns, May 25, 2020 news

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This top story, WHO pausing their study of hydroxychloroquine, comes on Memorial Day, the day to remember those who died while serving the United States of America.  It also comes on the 25th of the month, and 20 days before Trump’s 74th birthday, where 74 has been a fateful number for presidents in United States history, and 20 has been a fateful number in 2020. As you’ll read, they’ve stopped the study because of the realization that the drug increases the chance of ‘death’.


Trump is number 45, and 45 is the 9th triangular number.  Will he become the 9th U.S. president to die in office?  Time will tell.

Keep in mind today has 70 date numerology, and ‘coronavirus’ sums to 70.

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