William Tyndale, translator of Bible to English in time of Protestant Reformation, and his execution October 6, 1536, nearly 10-years before the death of Martin Luther on February 18, 1546

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Notice the name William Tyndale equates to 218 the same as Holy Roman Empire.

As for him being executed on the day leaving 86-days in the year, October 6, 1536, it reminds that the Holy Roman Empire folded on August 6, 1806, the 218th day of the year, where August 6 can be written 8/6, like 86.

Keep in mind August 6, 2024, will mark 218 years since August 6, 1806.

And we know 2024 is a year pointed to by the Georgia Guidestones.

As for 218, don’t forget Martin Luther died on February 18, 1546, the leader of the Protestant Reformation, that William Tyndale was a part of. Of course, that date is 2/18.

Read about Jane Doe’s death on February 18 (Roe v. Wade) here.

“218” is a big number throughout history, document it and you will see.

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