WNBA star Brittney Griner is reportedly detained in Russia for possessing a vape cartridge at the airport, March 5, 2022 news

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Number 42, who played in Arizona, is in big trouble in Russia *Russia = 24 / 42 *Arizona = 42

Phoenix “Mercury” player Brittney Griner detained in Russia?

As we have been talking about, 91 is a big number with the Russia-Ukraine ritual, where the two nations split after the demise of the USSR on Christmas Day, 1991, and then this latest conflict came in the days leading up to Mikhail Gorbachev’s 91st birthday in ’Pisces,’ equating to 91
Griner = 91
Phoenix = 91
Pisces = 91
-Gorbachev’s 91st birthday was March 2, 2022
-Mercury and Saturn were in conjunction this date
-News saved for Saturday (Saturn) *Saturn = 42

This comes on the 42nd day of the “do not travel to Russia order” from the United States as well…
She wears #42
Arizona = 42
Russia = 42
World War = 42
War = 42
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42
February = 42
-She was detained in February on an undisclosed date

Notice the order was given January 23.

As for the 144 reference, it goes back to the WNBA Bubble.
Jesuit Order = 144
Jesuit = 42

This comes on her 139th day of her age.
139, 34th prime
Ukraine = 34

It also comes 139-days after her team lost in the WNBA Finals to the Chicago Sky, who have the same colors as Ukraine (and the Los Angeles Rams).

Chicago Sky = 47 *Ukraine = 47

Notice the winning score of the first two games was 91.

And the winning score of the deciding game was 80, and Mercury is Atomic Number 80 on the periodic table.

Keep in mind the Milwaukee Bucks, not far from Chicago, beat the Phoenix Suns in the NBA last year.

This news comes March 5, 2022, the 64th day of the year.


They are not specifying what day she was arrested by Russia.

She played for Baylor as well.

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